LeBron James wins bet with Dennis Schroder mid-game vs. Rockets

LeBron James didn’t simply lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 117-100 win over the Houston Firecrackers on Tuesday night.

James, thanks to a wild no-look pail, in fact left the Toyota Center $100 richer.

LeBron’s wild no-look 3-pointer, makes $100

James, midway through the 2nd quarter of their 117-100 win agains the Houston Firecrackers at the Toyota Center on Tuesday night, captured a pass in the corner and fired from behind the arc.

Prior to the shot failed the internet, however, James had actually currently reversed entirely to face his colleagues on the bench.

Naturally, they went nuts.

As it ends up, however, there was a lot more to that shot than it appeared.

James stated that Lakers secure Dennis Schroder in fact wagered him $100 that he wouldn’t make it.

Undoubtedly, he needed to take those chances.

“I took the bet while I was still shooting the ball,” James stated. “A bet isn’t official until you look a man in the eye, so I had to look him in the eye … I turned around and looked him in the eye and said, ‘Bet.’”

James led the Lakers with 26 points and 8 rebounds in the win, and shot 4-of-9 from the 3-point line. Anthony Davis included 19 points and 10 rebounds.

While the shot itself sufficed to stimulate that response off the bench, the bet made the minute that better.

“I love my teammates, man,” James stated.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James won an in-game bet with Dennis Schroder in incredible style on Tuesday night. (Troy Taormina/Pool Photo/AP)

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