League of Legends’ next champion teased with a mysterious website

The next League of Legends champ’s arrival is approaching, and Riot Games has actually developed a little bit more anticipation by launching an advertising site for her business. Renata Glasc, the creator of Glasc Industries, seems a total and overall girlboss. I’m sure she has definitely no ominous tricks or skeletons in her closet.

The website showcases the story of Glasc Industries, a Zaun producer that offers intriguing fragrances. While the items appear like they might originate from a pop star’s fragrance line, the sales pitch consists of lines about “augmented limbs technology” and “medical alchemy.” Renata herself has a brief bio to present the character:

From simple origins in the Sump of Zaun, Glasc Industries creator Renata Glasc was influenced by her household’s alchemical practice to enhance life throughout Zaun and Piltover alike. For the last thirty years, her visionary work has actually touched civil advancement, tech, and philanthropy, working together with both people and chem barons to keep the streets safe.

Presently, she heads Glasc Industries in its next goal: redefining appeal through modern innovation. To those who look for a higher future, Renata Glasc welcomes all.

We formerly found out that a dark, enormous enchanter assistance was on the method from a champ roadmap launched on Jan. 7, which pointed out an “Enchanter style support” who is less whimsical; a character who suit the mastermind mold. It looks like Renata fits that description completely, and the hand on the Glasc Industries website matches the hand from an image on the roadmap.

League of Legends - A slim, mechanically augmented hand rests on the shoulder of a much heavier pauldron.

Image: Riot Games

Fans have actually likewise combed the site for any additional details, and it appears that there’s a quick look of Renata’s face. She seems a middle-aged female with a fancy facial rebreather and a brilliant pink eye. She appears like she may trade style ideas with Valorant’s Viper; the 2 would most likely get along notoriously.

All of the above looks like a quite clear link to Riot’s Arcane series on Netflix, which showcases more youthful variations of the champs Vi, Jinx, Ekko, Jayce, Viktor, and Caitlyn browsing the developing war in between the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun. Zaunites in Arcane depended on Shimmer, a wonderful purple compound that might be extremely effective or addicting and fatal.

It appears like Renata offers with Shimmer to some degree, although it appears she has a much finer degree of control over the compound. In the coming days, we’ll likely find out more about how this champ in fact uses the battleground and when she’ll be offered to play.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.