League of Legends’ new cinematic stars Thresh post-Sentinels of Light

League of Legends remains in an intriguing area today when it concerns tradition, as its huge world-spanning occasion has actually ended. Now that the Guards of Light have put down the Messed up King and conserved the world, things should be quite tranquil, ideal? Well, the event left a lot of loose threads hanging, like the fate of characters like Karma, Shyvana, or Thresh. On Thursday, Riot released a new cinematic that answers at least a few of those questions.

The cinematic stars Thresh, who is a spectral warden from the Shadow Isles. In the Guards of Light occasion, he gathered up all of the power from Viego’s scary invasion and used it to craft himself a different form. With this new, mostly human form, Thresh is free to wander the world. This cinematic is an immediate follow-up that shows us what he’s doing with his freedom, and it’s nothing good! He’s back to shackling and torturing souls inside his scary lantern, but a minimum of he’s appointing middle management to help out. In this case, that’s an unfortunate tavern keep called Bort with a crab claw for an arm.

This cinematic also shows Thresh in a various light than his in-game splash art. Instead of having his sick abs out for everyone to admire, he appears much more sinister and skeletal in this one. Even when he’s just in the pub, pretending to be a typical man, you can inform there’s something off there. It’s a fantastic performance of the character, and it’ll be interesting to see where his story leads.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.