League of Legends lore and locations to expect in Arcane season 2

Riot Games and Netflix have actually verified that Arcane will be getting a 2nd season. After the explosive end to season one, there’s still a great deal of prospective fallout that might take place in the cities of Piltover and Zaun. However among the most significant advantages of the League of Legends setting is how extensive it is. Piltover and Zaun are simply a piece of a bigger world, and there may currently be tips regarding where the program might head next.

Piltover’s secret cops

While Caitlyn represents the law in Arcane, League of Legends fans understand that there’s a greater authority that we have yet to see. Camille, a Champ from League, is a hextech enhanced elite representative of the greater class. She has actually utilized the innovation we see establish in Arcane to basically end up being a murder cyborg crossed with a secret representative. The 2019 “Awaken” cinematic programs Camille raiding a theater along with Piltover cops, and it’s possible Arcane may check out that even more.


Arcane presents a bit of Noxus, mostly through Mel’s mom, which recommends the empire might have a larger existence in the future. For those unknown with League of Legends tradition, Noxus is among the primary hazards; it’s a meritocracy imitated the Roman Empire. There’s an additional layer of intrigue; Noxus is constructed off a base of dark magic, and occult groups control the country’s politics from behind the scenes.

A dispute with Noxus is quite simple to establish; the country is portrayed as non-stop broadening, leading projects throughout Runeterra to broaden their borders. Piltover, with its innovation and riches, would make an appealing target.


Shurima is a long-forgotten empire, swallowed by the sands of the desert. This is a location where a huge golden sun disc when hovered over civilization, which disc would raise the emperor’s picked soldiers into being unstoppable, animal-headed god-warriors. The empire’s internal politics ultimately soured, and a sun disc routine resulted in completion of Shurima entirely.

So, what’s the link to Arcane? Well, the hextech crystals that Jayce and Viktor utilize to start a commercial transformation originated from a sentient race referred to as the Bracken in Shurima. It appears possible that gathering extremely smart and understanding animals to make cool devices is going to have some reaction, and we may see that unfold in Arcane’s 2nd season. There’s likewise some synergy with Noxus, as they’ve broadened into Shurima throughout their conquests.


Ixtal is a reasonably brand-new area to League of Legends tradition. The country when belonged to the Shuriman empire, however when things spoiled for Shurima, Ixtal simply separated itself behind wild magic. Now, Piltover’s requirement for resources is continuing the borders of this land, and its protectors are understood for an advanced grasp of essential magic.

We won’t be seeing Arcane season 2 in 2022, however there’s still a lot of League tradition to find for fans who desire more. The just recently launched RPG Destroyed King: A League of Legends Story concentrates on the pirate city of Bilgewater and the spectral Shadow Isles, and it’s an excellent location to read more about Runeterra.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.