League of Legends Arcane, Riot’s new animated show, coming to Netflix

League of Legends initially animated series is pertaining to Netflix. League of Legends Arcane will strike the streaming service at some point later on this fall, according to a brand-new teaser trailer launched on Monday.

The teaser might be simply a couple of seconds long, however it currently appears to expose a couple of features of what the program’s plot might consist of. The trailer opens with a battle in between Vi, Jinx, who are currently familiar parts of the League of Legends universe, and a mystical 3rd character who appears to skate on walls, and another with lightning powers and some type of personnel weapon.

While we currently understood from the series’ very first teaser that it would most likely have to do with the origins of Jinx and Vi, it appears this brand-new character might be part of the factor the 2 ultimately ended up being opponents.

Along with their story, we’ll likewise most likely get some backstory of Runeterra’s 2 completing cities, Piltover and Zaun — which may be the green-light drenched city we see at the end of the teaser. Both cities are consumed with innovation, however while Piltover is a steampunk paradise, Zaun’s unattended experimentation resulted in a much darker result.

If the series is set around these 2 cities, then it’s likewise possible we might see looks from identifiable characters like Viktor, Warwick, Caitlyn, or any of the other lots approximately champs from the area.

League of Legends Arcane will be produced by Riot Games in collaboration with Fortiche Productions, which it has actually worked with on numerous cinematics and video in the past. The series will debut on Netflix later on this fall.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.