Lax Rax is a board gaming accessory that you actually need

We’ve blogged about a great deal of enjoyable parlor game devices here at Polygon dot com. Dice vaults? We got ‘em. Novel little rolling trays? For sure. Bizarre pizza lifters? Why not. But I’m going to be sincere: You don’t require those. What you require is some Lax Rax, and you require ‘em right the hell now.

It’s a little bit of a meme in board video gaming circles, however the reality is that there’s just one excellent shelving system at Ikea that fits most modern-day parlor game. It’s called a Kallax, and … well, it’s not ideal.

I believe they look horrible, for one. It’s simply a lot of huge squares you need to bolt to the wall so the entire thing doesn’t fall over. I’ve got one here in your house, however we utilize it for the youngest kid’s toys, which all enter into vibrant baskets. The huge splashes of color a minimum of make it reasonably appealing. So long as she’s not climbing it, I’m delighted.

For parlor game, however, when utilizing a Kallax you’ve got 2 choices. You can keep your parlor game on end, however all the bits inside tumble around. Unless you’ve thrown out the inserts (and there are lots of excellent pack-ins nowadays) and got whatever bagged up, that’s a fool’s errand. It’ll simply slow you down setting the video game up, and you run the risk of harming the bits at the same time.

At the same time, you can stack those parlor game one on top of the other in little batches of 3 or 4 per square. However then you’re playing Hamburger Time with some really costly meat patties. Get that a person parlor game on the bottom and all hell break out. You’ve got boxes toppling every which method, possibly gouging your wall (the Kallax is open in the back), and possibly you’re scratching that good cover art on package.

Therefore that’s where Lax Rax can be found in.

Lax Rax usage 3M adhesive pads to adhere to the within surface areas of your Kallax. Put the parlor game in, location 4 Rax on top of package for sizing, and after that simply stick ‘em down. There’s even an integrated sizing guide for spacing things out so absolutely nothing gets scratched. Connect some wood dowels — or a full-fledged plastic rack — and whatever remains in its location. It’s so damned smart, I’m a little upset I didn’t think about it myself.

It’s likewise terrific for showing painted minis, which is something that I’ve been attempting to cover my head around for a couple of years now without much luck. Get some magnets and there’s your army tray integrated in.

Obviously, a lot depends upon the quality of that 3M tape. And possibly the humidity in your home. So we’ll need to see how this exercises when the end product is out in the wild. If you’re into it, you can get 96 Lax Rax — enough for 24 racks — for $55. Shipment is set for June 2022. The Kickstarter project is currently effective with $290,000 vowed sometimes of composing. The project goes through Sept. 23.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.