Late-night hosts react to Capitol riot: ‘The treason finale of the Donald Trump era’

Stephen Colbert, the leading ranked late-night host, began an unique live variation of CBS’ “The Late Show” with an exasperated monologue about the day’s occasions and President Trump.

“There are some dark subjects that we talk about on the show occasionally, but I’ve rarely been as upset as I am tonight,” Colbert stated beginning the program. “Hey, Republicans, who supported this president… have you had enough?”

He later on included, “Who could’ve seen this coming? Everyone. Even dummies like me. This is the most shocking, most tragic, least surprising thing I’ve ever seen.”

The comic ended his monologue by stating that individuals should not forget the terrible occasions of the day, particularly when it’s time to vote.

“In 2022, when all of those Republicans, who — make no mistake — are responsible for what happened today and are running for reelection, let’s remember them for who they showed themselves to be today,” Colbert included. “Cynical cowards who believe the voters should not get to choose who governs this country. Let’s hope the voters prove them all wrong.”

Over on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Jimmy Kimmel invited audiences to the “treason finale of the Donald Trump era.”

“This was not the sort of thing I ever imagined would happen in this country in my lifetime,” Kimmel stated. “The President of the United States, because he is too angry, too insecure and too incompetent to deal with the fact that he lost an election — a fair election, an election that was no different than any other election, an election he lost by seven million votes, and 70 electors — turns an angry mob against members of Congress and his own vice president.”

Kimmel went on to state that the Capitol was overrun with “MAGA-hatters in all manner of crazy costumes.”

“It was like a psychotic ‘Price is Right’ audience forcibly taking control of the Plinko wheel,” he joked.

Seth Meyers of NBC’s “Late Night” put the jokes aside, rather talking straight to the audience in a live monologue about the riots.

“I swear we were writing jokes today, and then…” Meyers tracked off. “As everyone knows by now today was a day filled with surreal and horrifying scenes of armed insurrection, an attempt to destroy through violent means American democracy. It was a sequence of events unseen in the modern history of this nation, and the images should be seared in our collective consciousness for the rest of our lives.”

“So because of that, our show will be a little different tonight,” he included.

Meyers likewise stated that anybody not ready to support democracy needs to be “shamed and disgraced and removed from office, and that must start immediately with Donald Trump.”

Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” opened his program on Wednesday night likewise keeping in mind that “these are difficult times to do an entertainment show.”

“These are difficult times to do any show,” Fallon stated. “But these are also times when we need each other the most.”

Fallon included that in times like these he attempts to think of how he can assist. One method to do that, according to Fallon, is to be there for audiences and assure them that this is not what America is expected to be about.

“This is what happens when there’s no peaceful transition of power and what happens when there’s bad leadership. This is not how you lose,” he stated. “If my grandfather were alive today and saw what was happening in the country that he fought for, he would be disgusted.”

Fallon went on to state that Wednesday’s riots were not “patriotism” however rather “terrorism.”

“Today was a disgrace, today was disappointing, but sadly today was not a surprise,” he stated. “But it’s important to remember that this is not who we are. I assure you there are more good people than there are bad, and good will prevail.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.