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Last week’s Springfield restaurant health code violations, May 1-6

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — This week’s health code violations roundup includes moldy lemons and strawberries and babies.

Below are the results of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s food inspections from May 1-6:

May 1

AM Donuts and Coffee, 1501 E. Pythian St.

Big Whiskey’s American Bar & Grill, 1550 E. Battlefield Rd.

Cabos Bonitos Grill & Cantina LLC, 406 S. South Ave.

Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe, 220 E. Walnut St.

Karai, 640 W. Republic Rd.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Sushi knives and rice scoop stored in ice water. Needs to be in 135° or above or no water.
    • No soap at bar and sushi hand sink.

Rib Crib #19, 1640 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • Potentially hazardous foods observed in both walk-in coolers not date-labeled.
    • Multiple moldy lemons stored in walk-in.

Skybox Grille & Lounge, 1271 E. Montclair St.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Employee restroom in poor repair.

Van Gogh’s Eeterie, 334 E. Commercial St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Coffee bar refrigerator found holding potentially hazardous food items above 41°.
    • Sauces made in-house found held over seven days.

May 2

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 1855 E. Primrose St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Ice machine and vegetable cutter found unclean.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Shelves, floors and fans in refrigeration units unclean.
    • Numerous lights throughout food preparation and storage areas found with loose, open or cracked shielding.

Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course, 1825 E. Norton Rd.

  • Priority violations:
    • Disposable plates and bowls stored directly on top of chafing fuel containers.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Multiple chip boxes stored directly on the floor in the kitchen area. Drink stored directly on the floor in the dry storage room.

Thailand Station, 1730 E. Republic Rd.

May 3

Catrinas Cantina LLC, 2925 E. Battlefield Rd.

  • Priority violations:
    • Beef and chicken above fill line in top of prep cooler holder at 51-52°. Should be 41°.
    • Whole eggs stored over vegetables in walk-in cooler. Raw fish stored over vegetables in bottom of prep cooler.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Compressor vent leaking in walk-in cooler.

Highland Springs Country Club, 5400 S. Highland Springs Blvd.

  • Priority violations:
    • Can opener and ice machine unclean.
    • Multiple potentially hazardous foods not being held at or below 41°.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Shelves, bins holding utensils, fans in refrigeration unit and veiling tiles unclean.
    • Light bulb in refrigeration unit found not shielded and multiple shields throughout food preparation areas found cracked.
    • Food and food-related items in walk-in cooler, walk-in freeze and bar storage found on floor.

Lakeland Behavorial Health System, 440 S. Market Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • Chicken in walk-in cooler tested at 48° and omelets at 48°. Ambient air tested at 38°. Person in charge said food was placed in cooler at 5 p.m. the night before.
    • Employee removed gloves and put on a new pair of gloves without washing hands.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • No water pressure available at hand sink in kitchen.

Ms Gilmore’s Tea Room, 211 E. Commercial St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Container of strawberries found moldy.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Seals of one refrigerator starting to come loose.

New China, 2725 N. Kansas Expy.

  • Priority violations:
    • One container of raw sprouts sitting on counter tested at 57.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • One large container of cooked chicken wrapped with plastic and placed in walk-in refrigerator to cool. Not proper technique.
    • Fron hand sink blockers by a cart with a rice cooker on it.

Pho Kim Restaurant, 3433 S. Campbell Ave.

Pinas Locas LLC, 3211 S. Campbell Ave.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Bulk ice cream received from Arkansas vendor without labels.
    • Two babies were found in side room of kitchen. No babies allowed.

Victorias Cake Designs, 2265 S. Campbell Ave.

Waffle House #1431, 436 N. West Bypass

  • Priority violations:
    • Dirty knife found attached to magnetic strip.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Back hand sink was out of paper towels.
  • One end of the dishline had an inch or so of standing wastewater.
  • Soda dispensing station, inside cabinet under soda dispensing station, exterior of some equipment and inside of one refrigerator unclean.
  • Floor under three-vat sink, front dish line and front counter unclean.

Wingstop, 2718 N. Kansas Expy.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Mop found stored in mop sink.
    • Back exterior door found open during operating hours.
    • Kitchen utensil found inside employee handwashing sink. Repeat violation.

May 4

Burger King #24139, 1929 W. Republic Rd.

  • Priority violations:
    • Wiping cloth buckets did not have enough sanitizer in them.
    • Lettuce and sliced tomatoes found with discard date of May 3 and tested at 51-52°.

Omo Japanese Soul Food, 2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd.

  • Previous violations addressed.
  • No new violations.

Price Cutter #12 Retail/Produce, 712 W. Commercial St.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Lights on the bottom of the milk and egg cooler not shielded.

Salvation Army Kitchen, 1707 W. Chestnut Expy.

  • Priority violations:
    • Date marking of ready-to-eat potentially hazardous foods were inconsistently labeled with 6, 7 or 8 days.

Sonic Drive-In, 635 W. Commercial St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Utensils found stored unclean.
    • Utensil storage containers found unclean.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Inside of ice machine found unclean.
    • Soda dispenser nozzles unclean.
    • Storage area between restrooms, shelving and wall by prep table unclean.
    • Employee drinks found without a lid and straw or a lid and handle.

Van Gogh’s Eeterie, 334 E. Commercial St.

May 5

Bark Yard, 3110 E. Cherry St.

BigShots Golf Springfield, 1930 E. Kearney St.

Braum’s Ice Cream #284, 2617 W. Republic Rd.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Heavy build-up of grease found on vent hood frame, filters over grill and shelving units in grill area.
    • Food debris and grease build-up on floors in kitchen, grill area, under counters and at soda fountain area.

Dive Bar & Lounge, 2826 E. Division St.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, 3737 S. Glenstone Ave.

Taco Bell #003851, 3340 S. Campbell Ave.

May 6

Chuck Wagon Lemonade, 7145 E. Farm Rd. 80, Strafford

Laes Authentic Egg Rolls, 177 W. Heritage Ct., Fair Grove

Pineapple Whip Travel Unit, 2902 E. Sunshine St.

The Crepe Station, 2463 W. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Employee observed placing crepes in to-go container with bare hands.

Xurros Handcrafted Spanish Donuts, 2350 S. Campbell Ave.

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