Landon Collins willing to step in at linebacker for WFT even if he’s not happy about it

The Washington Football Group needs aid at linebacker and Landon Collins wants to respond to the call in spite of him comprehensive history playing security rather.

However even if he’s willing to do it doesn’t indicate he wishes to play the position for really long.

“I’m a team player,” Collins stated, through Peter Hailey of NBC Sports Washington. “Do I like playing down there? I’m good at it. If I’m good at it, I’ll play there. If I need to be played there, cool. Other than that, do I like playing linebacker? No. No I don’t. I don’t like hitting big linemen, getting big linemen off me. I’m undersized for being a linebacker. So yeah, I don’t want to play down there, but if need to, yeah, I’ll do so. I’m good at it.”

The Football Group is short-handed at the position with Jon Bostic presently on hurt reserve. While the group can rely on a mix of Kamren Curl, Deshazor Everett and Troy Apke to man the security areas with Collins ran into package, they are more susceptible with their depth at linebacker.

Cole Holcomb and Jamin Davis stay in location as beginners with David Mayo as a veteran choice to fill Bostic’s function, the depth of Khaleke Hudson and Jordan Kunaszyk is rather green. They have actually integrated for simply 69 overall protective snaps in between them throughout their professions. So attempting Collins out at linebacker is a relocation of requirement and not always pure desire by Washington.

Collins understands the group remains in a bind at the minute and happy to advance because of that. Nevertheless, he’s clear that he still sees himself as a security which playing linebacker is not a simply natural shift.

“I’ve made more plays at safety than I’ve ever made at linebacker,” Collins stated. “I know what to read, I know how to play it, I know where I can cheat at, I know where to disguise it, I know how to make things work.”

Washington will deal with the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

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