Kyle Shanahan’s offense vs. Dan Quinn’s defense in Cowboys-49ers matchup

The Cowboys understand it.

They’re likewise tired of finding out about it.

Yes, Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers plan screams adaptability. Yes, a receiver like Deebo Samuel is responsible to power downfield as a running back while tight end George Kittle is similarly deadly as a blocker and pass-catcher. Yes, the 49ers will mix psychological skill with durability as they call up varied plays from similar developments, challenging protective challengers’ capability to forecast where and how they’ll go.

A Cowboys reformed defense states: So what?

Their planner has actually embraced a comparable mindset.

“It’s going to be versatility on versatility,” Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons stated.

The 49ers get in Sunday’s NFC wildcard match balancing one of the most backyards per play (6.11) in the league. No group has a much better red-zone conclusion rate than their 66.67%. The Cowboys rank 20th and 21st defensively in those classifications, however enhanced from 28th in scoring defense in 2020 to 7th in 2021. The match that will take place will result both from skill and plan as previous associates take on.

In 2015 and 2016, now-49ers coach Shanahan was Falcons offending planner while now-Cowboys protective planner Dan Quinn was Falcons head coach. The offensive- and defensive-minded football minds worked together, each witness to a within peek into the others’ game-plan procedure. However possibly the exact same characteristic the coaches appreciate about the other is what reduces the effects of the familiarity edge. Since each planner’s current success has actually stemmed less from unfaltering schematic concepts than a passion to adjust.

“He’s different again in terms of how he’s utilizing personnel,” Quinn stated today. “That’s the sign of a good coach. He’s tough, he’s gritty, he knows how to attack not just the field vertically but horizontally as well. That’s what makes the matchups tough because he really does attack the entire field and puts guys in positions to play. That’s one of the things I most respect about him: utilizing and finding the unique stuff that a player has and featuring that in their very best ways.”

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Shanahan, likewise, stated viewing movie of the 2021 Cowboys defense does not resemble his previous manager’ Atlanta appearance. Viewpoint, not simply workers, has actually developed.

“Just coverage-wise and stuff, it’s very different,” Shanahan stated. “Not as much cover-three and the type of man coverages that they’re doing, that’s impressive for Dan to do it a certain way his whole career and then to make the adjustments.

“It’s hard to deal with.”

Samuel will keep 49ers and Cowboys fans on the edge of their seats Sunday after a 2021 project including 77 catches for 1,405 backyards and 6 goals…in addition to 59 brings for 365 backyards and 8 hurrying goals. San Francisco running backs assault the border regularly and typically unexpectedly. The Cowboys secondary understands it should look out.

“Got to be clean with your eyes,” Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs explained the discipline needed. “Lot of moving parts and putting people in different spots.”

Kittle, too, will bring uncommon athleticism along with brute strength that he’ll utilize to clear running lanes or drag protectors along his backyards after catch. However the Cowboys signed experienced security Jayron Kearse last season simply for such matches, Kearse’s size-speed mix allowing him to take a trip sideline to sideline and match with gamers of various designs.

“Jayron is that guy,” Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy stated. “He’s that guy that can cover the tweener type player or the bigger physical tight ends or the smaller quicker guys coming out of the back field.” Kearse welcomes the possibility to increase to the difficulty, protecting an interception in Kansas City previously this season when taken on with likewise elite tight end Travis Kelce.

“Ready for the task,” Kearse stated. “He has to go against me, too. So I kind of get ticked off when I’m being asked ‘Kittle this’ ‘Kittle that.’

“He has to play me, too. So we’ll see how that shakes out.”

The Cowboys will aim to collapse the pocket by sending out pass rushes Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence hurrying at the same time from right, left and interior appearances; and All-Pro novice linebacker Micah Parsons will continue to move in between protection obligations and pressure.

The difficulty is high, the physicality level required high.

However Parsons states he won’t let the 49ers bully his team.

“I’m from Harrisburg, where the bullies get bullied,” Parsons stated. “There’s a bully in every gym. There’s a bully everywhere you go. But at some point, it takes someone to stand up and fight.

“I ain’t never back down from a challenge.”

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