Kyle Juszczyk’s hilarious reason he signed with 49ers over Bills in 2017

Juszczyk’s humorous factor for finalizing with 49ers over Expenses initially appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

NFL gamers have all sorts of contrasting thinking when it pertains to finalizing with a group, varying from chosen offensives and defenses, training personnels and group culture. 

In 49ers’ fullback Kyle Juszczyk’s case nevertheless, his choice to sign with San Francisco was affected by a various, however still really effective, force. 

The five-time Pro Bowl choice signed up with the “Haberman & Middlekauff” podcast today, where he shared how his partner Kristin eventually had the last word in where he would play (H/T 49ers WebZone). 

It appeared all however sure Juszczyk was headed to the Buffalo Expenses in 2017 after investing his very first 4 years with the Baltimore Ravens. Nevertheless, Kristin, who was his Juszczyk’s sweetheart at the time, remained in tears the night prior to he was set to sign since she did not wish to reside in Buffalo.

So, what did Juszczyk do? He did what any excellent partner would do, and looked for a compromise.

“The next day, I told my agent, ‘Hey, if you can get San Francisco to just match [Buffalo’s] offer, I’m there,'” Juszczyk stated. “So, he came to them with that, and they did it.”

It was a win-win for Juszczyk. He invested 4 Pro-Bowl seasons with the 49ers and wed Kristin in July, 2019.

Like numerous of his colleagues, Juszczyk is set up to be a totally free representative next month. The NFL’s income cap is anticipated to drop substantially based upon lost earnings associated to COVID-19, producing a cloud of unpredictability free of charge representatives throughout the league. 

While Juszczyk ought to be an attractive choices for numerous groups, he still would like to go back to San Francisco. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to have the career that I’ve had these past eight years that I’m definitely going to have a lot of options,” Juszczyk stated. “But I also absolutely love San Francisco. I love playing for Kyle. I love playing for Mike McDaniel. Bobby Turner, my running back coach, is an absolute OG. I want to send him out the right way.”

“But there’s a lot more factors that come into play now,” he included. “I’m 29 years old. I’ve been married for a while. We want to start a family soon. … That’s something I have to think about and weigh in on my decision.”

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Nevertheless, Juszczyk understands he has incomplete service in the Bay, and isn’t sure he wishes to leave that behind.

“I want to be on a competitive team,” he stated. “I know the Niners, we can get back to where we were a year ago, so it’s tough for me to just want to give up on what I started.”

The 49ers have a great deal of concerns to resolve in the offseason, however it’s safe to state the group wants to reunite with Juszczyk if possible. If that holds true, it most likely would not injure to stay on Kristin’s silver lining, too. 

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.