Kojima Productions opens second studio focused on movies, TV, and music

Kojima Productions is headed west, with prepares to open a brand-new studio in California. This brand-new studio will concentrate on a few of developer Hideo Kojima’s other preferred mediums, specifically television, movie, and music. While Kojima Productions Japan will continue to focus mainly on video games, the brand-new LA workplace will broaden the studio’s home entertainment reach into several home entertainment mediums — video games consisted of.

“The new division will be tasked with working with creative and talented professionals in television, music, and film, as well as the more familiar games industry,” stated Riley Russell, a previous PlayStation executive and leader of the brand-new service group at Kojima Productions. While all the info around the brand-new studio appears a bit ambiguous at the minute, the particular objective appears to be bringing Kojima Productions character and homes to other mediums — something Kojima has actually wished to provide for a long time.

This is not the very first time Kojima has actually had a studio under his name in California. Kojima Productions Los Angeles opened as a temporary studio while Kojima was still with Konami.

As a reasonably brand-new studio, the post-Konami Kojima Productions has actually just released Death Stranding and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. It’s uncertain if this brand-new branch of the business is presently attempting to offer a Death Stranding television program, if it’s being constructed out in anticipation of a brand-new IP statement from Kojima, or simply attempting to get Sam Porter Bridges into Fortnite.

With the LA department simply launching, and Hideo Kojima’s next job uncertain, we likely won’t hear any significant home entertainment news around Kojima Productions for a long time. Although with Kojima’s tendency for revealing up at the Video game Awards, news might be coming quicker than anybody anticipates.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.