Kirk Franklin, gospel superstar, apologizes for expletive-laden tirade at son

“Many of you know that I have an older son named Kerrion Franklin, in May he’ll be 33,” the 51-year-old artist stated. “For many years we have had a toxic relationship with him as a family.”

The senior Franklin can be heard utilizing curs and insulting his child prior to appearing to hang up.

Kirk Franklin stated in his video apology that he and his household, including his child, have actually looked for therapy “to try to rectify this private family matter.”

“Recently my son and I had an argument that he chose to record,” Franklin stated. “I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper and I said words that are not appropriate and I am sincerely sorry to all of you. I sincerely apologize.”

According to Franklin, throughout that discussion he got their household therapist on the phone to attempt and assist with the circumstance, though he states his child did not play that part of the discussion.

“I’m not perfect,” Franklin stated. “I’m human and I’m gonna make mistakes and I’m trying to get it right. Please keep me and your family in your prayers.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.