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King Charles III and Queen Camilla officially crowned in coronation ceremony

Despite a cloudy sky and drizzle, hardy souls emerged from tents and others started flocking into central London Saturday morning to witness what they could of King Charles III’s coronation ceremony.

Among those already in position were friends Bryant and Alicia, from Mobile, Alabama, who arrived in London on Thursday.

“I’ve followed the royal family since Will and Kate’s wedding, and I was anticipating the coronation one day,” Alicia told CBS News.

“We’ve met some great friends,” added Bryant.

“It’s lovely, especially all the people from all over the world!” Alicia said.

Bryant and Alicia, friends from Mobile, Alabama, speak with CBS News on The Mall, near Buckingham Palace in central London, hours before King Charles III’s coronation on May 6, 2023.

CBS News

Denise, from Fall River, Massachusetts, also arrived Thursday and spent the night camping by The Mall, near Buckingham Palace, to reserve a good viewing spot.

“I just like the royal family and have been following them for years and wanted to be part of this history,” she told CBS News, adding that she thought King Charles will make a good monarch.

“I think he’ll follow closely in his mother’s footsteps, with little tweaks. Put his own spin on it, but he’s a traditionalist,” she told CBS News, adding that she had always felt a connection with Britain’s royal family. 

“I always said I was born on the wrong side of the pond,” she told CBS News. 

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