Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR is an ultra-violent comic starring a John Wick look-alike

In the opening pages of BRZRKR problem #1, Keanu Reeves punches a guy so hard that his head takes off, leaving his ideal eye lolling out of the frame. Simply a couple of pages later on, his own body filled with bullet holes, Keanu breaks off a piece of another guy’s ribcage and continues to stab him — and everybody else in the space — to death with it. When the upseting bone fragment dulls, he clubs a 3rd guy to death with his own arm.

This brand-new 12-issue series from Boom Studios begins with a few of the most painful violence that I’ve ever seen in a comic. However it settles, opening the window into the mind of a remarkable character with strange powers and a much more strange backstory. It’s like characters from The Old Guard simply appeared in the middle of Blackhawk Down, and I definitely need to know more.

Who is making BZRKR?

Star Keanu Reeves, fresh off his function in Cyberpunk 2077, is the headliner here. He’s been associated with the production of this comic because the start, and included plainly in the crowdfunding project that assisted bring it to life. Backers cracked in more than $1.4 million in October, and another $400,000 ever since.

Signing up with Reeves as co-writer is Eisner-award candidate Matt Kindt, with art by Ron Garney. Both share credits on Justice League of America and Spider-Man, to name a few. Coloring is dealt with by Expense Crabtree.

Sad Keanu on a bench in the rain.

Image: Matt Kindt and Ron Garney/Boom Studios

What is BZRKR about?

BZRKR is a story about a living weapon presently in the work of the United States armed force who looks a terrible lot like Keanu Reeves. With his long black hair streaming, the titular berserker jumps from hovering helicopters, soaks up penalizing fusillades of little arms fire, and beats soldiers to death with his bare hands.

However he likewise feels truly bad about it.

Practically every page of this 44-page very first problem is covered in blood, and the deaths that I pointed out above are simply the idea of the iceberg. If there were to be a motion picture adjustment, I believe it would be tough to do it justice with anything besides claymation. Bodies don’t fold even they froth, their slushy innards developing into a cartoonish spray. Keanu’s fists resemble the widget inside a can of Guinness beer, however for intestinal tracts.

Is BZRKR excellent?

The violence is absurd, however it is likewise artfully performed. Integrated with the narrative overlay, this very first problem as a whole is outstanding.

There is an installing sense of anxiousness throughout this very first problem as an unnamed voice questions the berserker. Ultimately, we find out that it’s the voice of his government-issued therapist. She’s not simply there to guarantee that this taxpayer financial investment is all set to choose its next implementation. She’s thoroughly, non-stop penetrating much deeper, attempting to reveal who — and what — the berserker genuinely is. That’s the part that I truly eagerly anticipate seeing, and what will be needed to separate this character from simply another Punisher or Wolverine wannabe.

As far as origin stories go, release #1 is plainly simply the wind-up, however it’s got quite terrific kind. The pitch comes later over the next couple of concerns.

One panel that popped

My extremely preferred panel is the last, which secrets up problem #2. I won’t ruin it for you here. Rather, here’s the berserker jumping into action.

Keanu walks out of a helicopter.

Image: Matt Kindt and Ron Garney/Boom Studios

Keanu falling. His eyes are blue, his hands wrapped in tape.

Image: Matt Kindt and Ron Garney/Boom Studios

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.