Jury orders Children’s Hospital to pay $26.1 million for failing to treat infant’s seizures | Crime News

Kid’s Medical facility & Medical Center on Wednesday held a grand opening for its brand-new Hubbard Center for Kid.

A jury granted a record $26.1 million medical malpractice judgment Monday versus Kid’s Medical facility & Medical Center for stopping working to effectively deal with a kid who suffered seizures after a fall at a Sarpy County daycare.

After a 2-week trial and two days of considerations, a jury ruled that Kid’s Medical facility and Dr. Heidi Killefer incorrectly released Vivianne T. Marousek after the head injury that led to the then-11-month-old suffering seizures at the medical facility.

An earlier emergency clinic doctor had actually effectively dealt with Vivianne, stated Patrick and Joseph Cullan, the Omaha lawyers who represented Vivianne and her moms and dads, Andrea and Jacob Marousek. However when Killefer took control of her care in January 2017, she concluded that the kid had actually suffered a one-off seizure that wouldn’t continue, Joe Cullan stated Monday. She released the kid from the hospital.

Within 48 hours of her parents taking her home, the child suffered severe seizures and irreparable brain damage, Cullan stated.

“Every expert we had said you never give a child a free pass — you treat the seizures,” he said. “Our clients were told, ‘Don’t worry about it, she’ll be OK.’ She suffered profound seizures and will never be the same.”

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Cullan said Vivianne, now almost 6, was healthy before the accidental fall. The kid is now blind, only able to make out the outlines of her moms and dads. She is in a wheelchair, suffers essentially from a form of cerebral palsy, and is unable to communicate other than to hear her moms and dads’ voices.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.