Jorge Masvidal calls Jake Paul’s $5 million offer ‘chump change’

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Days after his knockout win over previous UFC champ Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul is currently angling for a battle with another UFC star.

The YouTuber turned expert fighter put out a battle deal to Jorge Masvidal. Speaking on his sibling’s podcast Impaulsive on Tuesday, Paul reacted to Masvidal’s current remarks stating he won’t battle him and made him a profitable deal at the same time.

“Masvidal was like, ‘I either fight the best people or I fight for money. And you’re neither of those. You ain’t paying the right amount of money,’” Paul stated. “Masvidal, I have an offer for you right now – $5 million guarantee, plus percentage of the pay-per-views.

“That’s the most you have ever done as a fighter, ever. So now you can’t say, ‘I either fight the best people or I fight for money.’ $5 million guarantee, plus pay-per-view. Let’s make it happen. That’s the most you have ever gotten paid. Period.”

Naturally, Masvidal is under special agreement with the UFC and is not enabled to eliminate anywhere else unless permitted by the UFC. Current fighters that have actually completed in boxing have actually battled out their UFC agreements or, in extremely couple of cases like Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, have actually operated in combination with the UFC to make the boxing match take place.

Paul acknowledges that a difficulty for a possible battle with Masvidal.

“Daddy Dana just has to let you out of your contract,
Paul said. “You work for the UFC. You’re a b*tch basically.”

It didn’t take long for Masvidal to react to these remarks. He required to Twitter informing Paul the bag would need to be much greater for the UFC to even think about making the battle.

“The UFC isn’t gonna let me go for chump change,” Masvidal composed.
“Make that 20 guaranteed plus Ppv and I’m sure the UFC will be ok with it as long as I break them off their fee and then I’ll gladly break your face.”

Paul is presently searching for his next challenger. He’s 5-0 as an expert fighter with wins over previous UFC fighters Woodley and Ben Askren. Paul pointed out Nate Diaz and Masvidal as challengers he’d have an interest in combating next.

“I’m down for either of these guys,” Paul stated. “I think they say they’re about it but it seems so obvious. The general public looks at it like, ‘Oh yeah. Masvidal and Nate Diaz would kill Jake Paul.’ These dumbasses don’t understand that boxing is a different sport than MMA and that it’s literally light work.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.