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Daniel Cormier: Jon Jones is not scared, this is a public settlement

Regardless of the ill will in between them, Daniel Cormier does not question competing Jon Jones when it pertains to him wishing to combat freshly minted UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou. On the most current episode of the “DC & Helwani” podcast, Cormier provided his ideas on the capacity of a heavyweight title match in between Jones and Ngannou. At the UFC 260 post-fight interview, UFC president Dana White called into question whether Jones really desired the battle after publishing a tweet stating “Show me the money,” thinking he stated that as a possible scapegoat to prevent a battle with the heavyweight champ. Jones fired back with a number of tweets rejecting that claim, stating he simply wishes to be paid what he thinks he deserves. Regardless of their bitter competition, Cormier concerned Jones’ defense. “Jon Jones, for everything that’s between us, is not afraid of Francis Ngannou,” Cormier stated. “He’s not afraid bro. I understand that most people would be afraid. But guess who else wasn’t afraid? Stipe Miocic, and Derrick Lewis, and Cyril Gane. Those guys aren’t afraid.” Jon Jones and Dana White are carrying out a public settlement DC rather thinks that these are settlement techniques in between the UFC and Jones. “Here’s where you start to play the game if you’re Dana and Jones. Jones wants his money, Dana has to show that he has options,” Cormier stated. “That’s all that’s happening, right? High level negotiations is what’s going on right now.” Cormier likewise went over whether the pound for pound king really thinks that he can beating the brand-new UFC heavyweight champ. “Make no mistake about it, Jones believes that he will beat Francis Ngannou. As any great champion would believe that they would beat him,” Cormier stated. “Now, is that the case? I don’t know. But Jon Jones is one of the most talented guys that I’ve ever seen inside the octagon. And if you have to find someone that can piece together a way to solve that puzzle, it’s Jon Jones. Let’s not be crazy here.” Cormier likewise described prior circumstances where other prominent fighters worked out with the UFC in the public eye. “Jon Jones feels he’s defending himself against his name. The reality is they’re just negotiating in public,” Cormier stated. “We’ve seen this with Conor [McGregor], we’ve seen this with other fighters in the past. I believe [the fight] happens. I really do.” Cormier likewise comprehends Jones’ desire to make more cash. “Jones has defended his title so many times. So I would imagine that he’s had pay bumps. He now wants his biggest pay bump, and you know what man? Hats off to him. Go get paid, because this is gonna be a massive fight for him and the UFC. But if not? If the UFC doesn’t want to pay him, they’ll just move on to the next guy.” Jon Jones Daniel Cormier thinks Jones can beat Ngannou Looking more towards the prospective match instead of the settlement fallout of this prospective superfight, Cormier believes that Jones has a considerable opportunity to beat Ngannou. “If Jones can fight his fight, he could potentially pick Francis apart from the outside. He’s that type of guy,” Cormier stated. “He’s a smart fighter. He knows how to maneuver and manage fights.” Although Cormier believes Jones has a strong opportunity, DC likewise described the power variation in between Bones and Ngannou. “I don’t know if he’ll be able to hit Francis hard enough to keep Francis off of him for five rounds in terms of Francis trying to find the knockout,” Cormier stated. “The one thing we all forget about with Francis, dude’s got a granite chin. He can take a shot. That right hand that Stipe hit him with was hard, and he got stunned. But then he, five seconds later, lands a knockout to end the fight.” While it might be enjoyable for fans and experts alike to contemplate the prospective match from a technical perspective, the Mixed Martial Arts neighborhood might be a bit ahead of themselves. In his latest tweets, Jones has actually requested his release. The no. 1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter worldwide is significantly annoyed with the UFC’s evaluation of his worth. Ideally this prospective superfight can be made with both sides pleased with the monetary element of the bout. However till that is determined, it might be a little prematurely to presume Jones will certainly be Ngannou’s challenger for his very first title defense. Jon Jones fires back at Dana White questioning his desire to combat Francis Ngannou UFC 260 highlights & wrap-up: Francis Ngannou blasts Stipe Miocic! (Register For on YouTube)

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.