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Joint Omani-British military exercise Musandam Fort 2022 begins today | Times of Oman

Muscat: The joint Omani-British military exercise (Musandam Fort 2022) began this morning and will continue until November 10.

Oman News Agency said: This morning, in Musandam Governorate, the joint Omani-British military exercise (Musandam Fort 2022) began, represented by the Musandam Security Force and the umbrellas of the Sultan of Oman in the Royal Army of Oman with units of the Marines in the British Armed Forces, which will continue until the 10th of November.

The implementation of the Omani-British military exercise, which is being held in the military exercises area in the Musandam Governorate, comes in accordance with the training programme of the leadership of the Royal Army of Oman, with the support of the Sultan’s armed forces and other military and security agencies, and within the framework of exchanging experiences and gaining military skills on both sides participating in the exercise, in a manner that achieves the training objectives envisaged.

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