John Cena posts his ‘Black twin,’ dubbed ‘Jamal Cena’

Brendan Cobbina has been dubbed

From @johncena/Instagram

Brendan Cobbina has actually been called “Jamal Cena” by social networks since of his similarity to star John Cena.


Nobody can state John Cena doesn’t take note of the web.

The star and wrestler shared a picture of bodybuilder and fitness instructor Brendan Cobbina that has actually been making the rounds on social networks since of his similarity to Cena.

Cena published the image on his confirmed Instagram account without a caption.

John Cena shown here at a film premiere in 2018.

Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images

John Cena revealed here at a movie best in 2018.

Evaluating by the remarks, a caption wasn’t required as numerous fans were completely familiar with Cena’s Black doppelgänger, who has actually been called “Jamal Cena.”

John Cena has actually been quite hectic nowadays with starring functions in “The Suicide Squad” and “F9: The Fast Saga,” so, naturally, social networks has actually currently begun rallying for him to discover a function where his “twin” can appear opposite him.

Cobbina, whose social networks notes him as residing in the UK, is leaning into the interest.

His bio on Twitter checks out “24. You may know me as the ‘Black John Cena’ or the owner of OmegaMuscles. Bodybuilder. Coach.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.