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Joey Chestnut, the American hero who broke another record… by eating

Renowned for his ability to eat hotdogs, Joey Chestnut impressed again this Wednesday, as on National Chicken Finger Day he ate 44 in just 5 minutes.

If the last hot dog eating competition he was the most outstanding with 63 in just 10 minutes, 10 less than his world record, today he repeated again in the competition held at one of the Raising Cane stores located in the Las Vegas Strip.

Cheered on by the people who turned out to watch the competition, or to watch him eat, Joey Chestnut accomplished the feat at the restaurant chain’s new location, and was happy to be in the spotlight again.

“The atmosphere is as good as the food, and their chicken wings are the best in the world,” said Chestnut, who celebrated National Chicken Finger Day, a perfect celebration for him to add to his other proud accomplishments.

A few weeks ago he ate 63 hotdogs in 10 minutes

A few weeks ago, on July 4, he won the hotdog eating contest for the 15th consecutive time by devouring 63 hotdogs in 10 minutes, the same day he helped subdue a protester after being crowned at Coney Island, New York.

And although he assured that it is easier, on the surface, to eat chicken fingers than hot dogs, today he proved it, but he will not stand idly by and will soon seek to surpass his own record, because in his opinion, chicken is very tasty and that makes it easier. There is no doubt that Chestnut is considered one of the best athletes, and he is an American.

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