Jimmy Kimmel burned his hair off while trying to light an outdoor pizza oven

“I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve done this,” Kimmel stated.

He joked, “It’s a good thing I was wearing a hat, or I would be bald tonight.”

Kimmel discussed that he was “blasted by a fireball” since he switched on the oven, lit it and let it fill with gas prior to tossing a burning notepad in.

“You’d think I would learn, but yet, I haven’t,” he stated, including he “tossed it in the oven, and boom — it came right back at me.”

The late-night host stated he recognized what took place when he captured the odor of burning hair. “The smell was very bad,” he stated. “I think the reason burning hair smells so bad is it’s God’s way of telling you, ‘You are on fire right now.’ “

Although Kimmel singed his hairline and his arms, he still made supper.

“I had a meal to prepare,” he stated, including, “I went right back to cooking, I finished every dish.”

He had actually likewise published the occurrence to social networks, composing, “Happy thanksgiving everyone. try not to burn your hair and eyebrow off lighting the oven!” he captioned a picture of himself with burned hair.

Kimmel’s child Katie talked about the post writing, “Again?????”

“Yep,” Kimmel responded. “It’s now a holiday tradition.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.