Jim Acosta Challenges Tucker Carlson To Tell His Viewers That He Is Vaccinated And Boosted

CNN’s Jim Acosta challenged Fox’s Tucker Carlson to inform his audiences the reality that he is immunized and improved.

Video of Acosta:

Acosta stated, “And let’s just say right now a challenge to Tucker Carlson as we’re talking about this from yours truly and from Dr. Reiner, Tucker Carlson, tell the American people if you have been double vaccinated and boosted. We know the truth, we know you have been, but just tell us. Tell everybody the truth.”

Tucker Carlson has actually been among the most popular pushers of anti-vaxxer and COVID false information on cable television news.

Carlson confessed that he pushes his program, however what he is doing to his audiences is a lot even worse than misinforming them. He is eliminating them. Carlson is taking those number of million individuals who view him each weeknight and informing to threaten their own health and the health of their liked ones by not getting immunized.

For Tucker Carlson, there are rankings, cash, and popularity in keeping America divided on whatever. Carlson is a far more negative and smarter variation of Donald Trump.

We understand that Tucker Carlson is immunized due to the fact that Fox News has actually mandated that be, however yet he declines to come tidy with his audiences and inform them that he got immunized two times and had his booster shot.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t wish to pass away of COVID, however he is more than delighted to misguide his audiences to that terrible fate.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.