Jets GM Joe Douglas talks possibility of trading draft picks for a star player

Joe Douglas/Deshaun Watson

Joe Douglas/Deshaun Watson

Jets GM Joe Douglas spoke with media on Wednesday to go over the group’s prepare for enhancing the lineup this offseason, and if that might be by trading for a star gamer.

“Lastly, I think where we’re sitting now we’re very well positioned with the capital we have, with where we are financially,” Douglas stated. “And we feel we’re well positioned to start this offseason and really improve this roster.”

The Jets still have QB Sam Darnold on the lineup, however might end up picking somebody like Zach Wilson or Justin Fields at No. 2, or perhaps make a huge splash by trading for the not-yet-available star QB Deshaun Watson.

The group likewise has a lot of draft choices, consisting of 2 first-round choices this year and 2 first-round choices in the 2022 NFL Draft. They have an overall of 9 choices in both of the 2021 and 2022 NFL Drafts.

No matter what winds up occurring, Douglas thinks the Jets are placed to enhance the lineup for next season under head coach Robert Saleh.

“From the last time we were together until now, just been great getting to know Robert, his staff,” Douglas stated. “We’ve had a lot of productive conversations and it’s been great to really get their new perspective, new voices in the building. The conversations have been outstanding, like I said they’ve been productive. About exactly what we were looking for, the type of players, type of people that we want to bring in this organization. And the guys we need to achieve our collective goals.”

Saleh brings a strong protective frame of mind that has actually had success with the San Francisco 49ers over the last couple of seasons. Douglas would go on to discuss that the group has actually put a focus on searching and assessing prospective gamers that might prosper under Saleh’s plans.

“The main thing for the last month and change has been evaluation, evaluating,” Douglas stated. “From our own roster, to upcoming free agency, and now we’re rolling into the draft evaluation. That’s the main thing for us right now.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.