Jeff Goldblum plays Dungeons & Dragons in a new podcast

Star Jeff Goldblum is signing up with the cast of a fan-made Dungeons & Dragons podcast called Dark Dice, produced and composed by Fool and Scholar Productions. The high-concept audio drama starts as a conventional session of D&D, total with dice and a Dungeon Master. Series are then cut, condensed, and carried out with extra voice acting, initial music, and sound impacts. Episodes including the Jurassic Park star will start airing totally free on May 12. The statement was made Wednesday by Due date.

Speaking with Polygon by telephone, co-creator Travis Vengroff stated that Fool and Scholar initially started as a lorry for more standard audio dramas. A couple of years back, as a group structure workout for his cast, Vengroff ran a brief D&D-themed experience. The experience showed so interesting for the audience that an entire brand-new series was born.

Well, by gods that Jeff Goldblum with leather bracers and a big, fat arcane focus hanging around his neck. There’s also a fabulous half-cape.

Image: Marcel Mercado/Fool and Scholar Productions

“We have these really fun horror actors who are in Germany, and Iceland, and England, and various parts of America, et cetera,” Vengroff stated, “We basically recorded four six-hour sessions, and they survived much longer than I thought they would, and the audience reception to the release was much better than I thought it’d be. It became kind of its own podcast from being just kind of a bonus episode.”

This next season gets where the previous story ended, however likewise includes a 2nd complete group of travelers. Goldblum will become part of this 2nd group, handling the function of an elven sorcerer called Balmur. The objective, Vengroff stated, is for both groups to ultimately square off versus each other in a climactic season ending.

The very first episode (which does not consist of Goldblum) is presently offered for download, and includes the survivors of the previous season recovering from an unpleasant loss.

D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast appears helpful of the task. Senior interactions supervisor Greg Tito even tweeted it out on his individual account. However, no doubt thanks to Goldblum’s prominent participation, there will be some modifications moving forward. Vengroff takes some time in the very first episode to keep in mind that beasts, divine beings, and other aspects from the fifth edition of D&D will not be consisted of moving forward, an essential modification required to comply with Wizards’ licensing of the D&D copyright.

“I’ve been playing D&D since I was six years old, basically,” Vengroff stated, “and I’ve been playing the same campaign in the same world. […] To make it more understandable for our audience, we used a bunch of Wizards’ IP. […] My goal in the future is to basically use all of our own stuff, and I’ve spent the better part of eight months at this point working with a team of creators from around the world to redevelop my world.”

Tabletop role-playing is going through a big renaissance, caused in part by these sort of actual-play efficiencies. That’s partially thanks to the reality that the 5th edition of the initial role-playing video game is offered totally free through something called the System Recommendation File (SRD) through the Open-Gaming License (OGL). It’s successfully a subset of the bigger D&D guidelines and copyright that acts as the source for transformative works with specific constraints. It’s the exact same technique that previous Blizzard Home entertainment executives Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin are utilizing to develop the world of Auroboros: Coils of the Snake.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.