Jeff Bezos has fun with girlfriend’s Leonardo DiCaprio moment

The mega-mogul had an amusing action to Range tweeting a video from their editor Marc Malkin revealing DiCaprio talking with Jeff Bezos and his sweetheart Lauren Sanchez at the LACMA Art + Movie Gala.”

In it, Sanchez appears to be looking adoringly at DiCaprio while Bezos stands at her side.

The internet was all over it, dubbing DiCaprio “Mr. Steal Your Woman” and having some fun with the footage.

Bezos decided to play along as well.

He tweeted an image of him positioning with a red indication which checked out “Risk! Steep cliff deadly drop.”

“Leo, come by here, I wish to reveal you something…,” the tweet read.

Of course Bezos was joking about possibly making DiCaprio one of “The Left.”

Your relocation, Leo.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.