Ja’Wuan James files $15M grievance against Broncos

The Denver Broncos have a preseason fight on their hands that might cost the group $15 million. Previous offending lineman Ja’Wuan James submitted a complaint versus the group looking for to recover his wage, according to Pro Football Talk.

James’ legal group is arguing James’ injury happened while he was training at the guideline or instructions of the group. His legal group likewise stated James was not exercising alone, however with other members of the Broncos.

“Claimant was not working out on his own,” James declares at paragraph 5 of his complaint, which was submitted previously today and a copy of which PFT has actually acquired. “Claimant was working out as expressly and/or impliedly authorized and/or instructed by Respondent’s agents, including but not limited to the instructions and/or direction of the coach of Respondent and/or other agents of Respondent. Claimant was working out with other players on the team at the facility and mentoring younger players as requested and/or expressly and/or impliedly authorized by Respondent through its agent and/or agents.”

James’ group is likewise implicating the Broncos of not complying with COVID-19 policies at group centers.

James tore his Achilles while exercising far from the group’s center in May. A couple of weeks later on, he was cut by the Broncos. James’ wage was voided as an outcome of James getting hurt far from the group. 

The complaint is for James’ $10 million wage, in addition to his $5 million finalizing perk. If James’ legal group can show collusion — that the Broncos cut James at the request of the NFL — James would be due $30 million.

Will Ja’Wuan James win his $15 million complaint?

James’ argument is contingent on the Broncos understanding, or motivating, James to participate in offseason exercises far from the group. Offered the needs of the job, all NFL gamer participate in some kind of offseason exercise far from their groups. If they didn’t, gamers would just exercise a couple of weeks in the offseason, and appear to training school in rough shape. 

James’ legal group is arguing that NFL guidelines ought to not use in this circumstances due to the fact that James was not participating in negligent activity. If his group can show James was exercising with other colleagues, which the group motivated or suggested those exercises were OKAY, he might have a shot at getting his wage back.

Anything more than that appears not likely. Collusion is difficult to show unless James’ group can obtain difficult proof the NFL directed the Broncos to make the relocation. 

Despite the outcome, the remainder of the league will know James’ complaint. If James is not able to recover his wage, it might require gamers to dig in much more on boycotting group exercise up until modifications are made.

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