Jason Sudeikis’ funniest ‘SNL’ moments

It was the very first time he had actually gone back to host the program because he left the NBC sketch funny series in 2013.

Here are the “Ted Lasso” star’s finest minutes from the program.

Sudeikis returned with his variation of President Joe Biden, who was the vice president when Sudeikis was an “SNL” cast member. He called himself the ghost of Biden past.


Sudeikis pretended to be a male variation of Ellen DeGeneres. “Mellen is a man’s man and you never know what Mellen might do next,” the voiceover in the spoof stated.

Sudeikis states as Mellen he would do sections like “which crypto is popping right now” and “what happens if you smoke a full cigar and run across a football field.”


The star likewise depicts a male called “Ricky,” who is referred to as a member of the home personnel of Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks from the Broadway musical “Annie.”

'SNL' brings back Jason Sudeikis' Joe Biden to help out the President

In “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here,” where Annie is presented to the personnel, Ricky attempts to provide Annie sweet from his pocket, calls her Amy, and states improper things. “I got worried that the kid would think I was a creep or something,” he states. “… There’s a reason that I can’t sing about what I do for Mr. Warbucks, and that reason is it’s illegal.”

Science Space

Sudeikis likewise depicts a science instructor on PBS having a hard time to teach young kids about the planetary system.

The Devil

Sudeikis repeated his representation as The Devil on Weekend Update, joking he’s been hectic the last couple of years dealing with numerous side tasks like “Instagram for kids” and the environment crisis.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been making things up here feel more like where I’m from,” stated The Devil. “I mean, have you ever been to Florida? That’s not that different from Hell.”

The Devil closed with a referral to the “Montero” video by Little Nas X.

“I got the greatest lap dance of my life!” he quipped. “That Little Nas X, he can boogie.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.