Jacksonville falls apart in ugly end in Jets loss

If you have not voluntarily saw a Jacksonville Jaguars video game all season — and why would you? — you might discover all you require to understand about how 2021 has actually gone on the field by enjoying the last 41 seconds of their 26-21 loss to the Jets. 

Jacksonville had actually had a hard time throughout the video game. No. 1 general choice Trevor Lawrence fumbled two times, losing one, and the Jags gave up perhaps the ugliest goal of the whole season to Jets QB Zach Wilson.

And yet, even in the middle of all that gunk, Jaguars still had fragments of hope. Down 5 points within a minute, in Jets area, Lawrence revealed why he stays the Jaguars’ biggest hope. He peeled out of pressure and rushed to the left, running 26 backyards to duck out of bounds at the Jets 5.

Initially down. 5 backyards to success. Simply over 30 seconds staying. What could potentially fail?

Well, considering this is Jacksonville … actually whatever. 

If you’re an offending planner, you might want to conceal your eyes; it will get awful. 

On initially down, with no timeouts staying, Lawrence tossed to Attempt Ogunbuwale, the one receiver who wasn’t in the end zone. 2 Jets protectors were closing on Ogunbuwale; he would have been dragged down at the 3 even had he captured the pass … which ran out his reach upfield.

On 2nd down, Lawrence fired a brief pass that C.J. Mosley almost captured for a goal, which would have been terrific for Jacksonville other than for the truth that Mosley really bets the Jets and would have returned the ball for a 99-yard pick-six had he hung on. In a little twist of the karmic knife, instead of the ball striking the grass and stopping the clock, it avoided through Mosley’s arms and wound up in the hands of Marvin Jones Jr. on the one-yard liine … therefore the clock continued to run.

On 3rd down, with 16 seconds staying, with the clock running and the ball on the one, Lawrence took the breeze and … increased the ball. Yes, with the defense in chaos, Lawrence vaporized among his 2 chance ats a triumph with a lot of time for both. 

On 4th down, with 12 seconds staying, the Jaguars raced up and down the line like pups at playtime while Lawrence attempted to bark them into position. After the breeze, Lawrence tossed once again at Jones, however Jets cornerback Javelin Guidry slapped it down with little problem. 

However wait! There was a flag! Would Jacksonville take pleasure in a present from the refs?

Begin, what do you believe?

The Jaguars’ pre-snap toddling wound up drawing the flag given that they had not readied prior to the breeze, so even if they’d scored, the goal would not have actually counted. 

So, let’s tally this up. With very first and objective on the 5, the video game and their credibilities on the line, the Jaguars had 4 downs to enter completion zone, and on those 4 downs they:

-Tossed an ill-conceived insufficient pass except completion zone

-Tossed a near-pick 6 that wound up worthless conclusion, once again except completion zone

-Increased the ball

-Discarded any possibility at a goal by getting an illegal-shift charge. 

Woof. That’s awful, right there. Worst part? They can’t blame Urban Meyer for this one. 

Trevor Lawrence did not have a great day against the Jets. (Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)

Trevor Lawrence did not have an excellent day versus the Jets. (Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)


Jay Busbee is an author for Yahoo Sports. Follow him on Twitter at @jaybusbee or call him at jay.busbee@yahoo.com.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.