I’ve never played a Halo, but I met Master Chief through memes

Regardless Of owning an Xbox 360 as my very first console, I’ve never ever played a single Halo in my life. Regardless of this, I’m strangely familiar with Master Chief — or, a minimum of, the meme variation of Master Chief.

I don’t truly understand about Master Chief’s canon story, or the battles he deals with, or his relationship with Cortana. Rather, I’ve just fulfilled the character through odd memes infiltrated exceptionally online humor. Master Chief goes beyond Halo. He’s a complete on part of the meme zeitgeist.

Halo is a cultural phenomenon, and it has actually been given that the late 2000s when the meme-sharing website Halolz was established. To this day, there are neighborhoods particularly for sharing memes about the video game. A few of them are really basic things, like these ones from the Reddit Halo Memes neighborhood.

However a few of them are a bit more surreal. My individual preferred Master Chief meme is explained by Know Your Meme as such:

“Master Chief, You Mind Telling Me What You’re Doing on This Ship?” is an unforgettable quote said by Halo 2 character Lord Terrence Hood. Online, the quote has actually been utilized as a setup for numerous jokes, with Hood asking Master Chief why he is doing something, followed by Master Chief discussing himself.

In order to really value this joke, you need to see it in action. My YouTube suggested feed has lots of these little exchanges, and I enjoy every one of them:

It’s tough to put a finger on why these things are amusing, particularly given that I’m not even familiar with the initial scene. Part of it is absolutely the subversion of expectations; I understand that Mr. Halo is an effective area marine who combats crowds of aliens. It’s a knee-slapper to see Doom Man’s cousin in the nurse’s workplace or involved a snuggie.

Another part of it is that Master Chief is common; if you’re at all plugged into the video gaming environment, you understand his face. He’s included in a million media tie-ins, from specialized bath items to automobile GPS narrative. In Sea of Burglars, my pirate can decorate her ship with Master Chief’s face and the Spartan logo design, thanks to an in-game promo. Master Chief and the world of Halo have actually influenced some incredibly popular fan-made material for many years, too, from Rooster Teeth’s series Red vs. Blue, which was a cultural phenomenon unto itself back in 2003, to the modern, with a Simple cosplayer called Wholesome Master Chief having a huge success on TikTok.

You can’t leave Master Chief — he’s one of the greatest young boys in video gaming. However I’ve just fulfilled him through an intricate video game of telephone, jokes that are far eliminated from the source product. When Halo Infinite comes out, I prepare to satisfy him appropriately for the very first time. I question if I’ll concern him with regard and wonder as he fights back beasts to conserve humankind. Most likely I’ll simply consider Master Chief at McDonalds, playing his huge DS.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.