Is Year 3 crucial for Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones Treated Image w/ red practice jersey and MetLife background

Daniel Jones Treated Image w/ red practice jersey and MetLife background

NFL training school begins at the end of the month, which implies gamers around the league are getting their last little bits of offseason work in prior to the genuine work of attempting to make the lineup starts.

For specific gamers, this season is what some might call “Make or Break,” indicating they require to create an efficient year or they might be trying to find work somewhere else at the end of the 2021-22 project.

We’ll highlight those gamers for the Giants, this time with QB Daniel Jones

2020 Statistics (14 video games)

– 2,943 backyards
– 11 TD/10 INT
– 62.5 conclusion portion
– 80.4 quarterback ranking

Why Make or Break?

Well, Jones isn’t defending his area on the group as all of us understand. He’s the group’s QB1 which’s not altering with Mike Glennon as his backup now.

However… Year 3 might be a career-altering one depending upon how he carries out.

The Giants kept OC Jason Garrett in location so Jones does not need to go through his 3rd offense in 3 seasons. Familiarity with the system getting in training school was a concern so that Jones can strike the ground running come Week 1.

What occurs if the outcomes aren’t there at the end of the day, though? Co-owner John Mara was quite direct when he said after the season that he’s sick of not being in the playoffs and looking ahead to next year. Jones does have two years of team control after 2021 (fifth-year option available as a first-rounder), but the Giants could become impatient depending on his play.

All of the talk from head coach Joe Judge and GM Dave Gettleman praises Jones’ work ethic, drive and preparation. But on-field production is all that matters in the end.

With the offense being one of the worst in the NFL last season, the Giants’ success will go as Jones goes this season. The pressure on Jones will the most it’s ever been.

What will break it?

There were a lot of factors that resulted in the Giants’ lack of points last season, not just Jones’ play. Receivers couldn’t get open, the offensive line was still porous and Garrett deserves some blame for his play-calling, too.

But if there is one thing that didn’t take a turn the way the Giants hoped for in 2020, it was Jones’ turnover problem. He had 10 interceptions and 11 fumbles after totaling 18 fumbles and 12 picks in 2019.

Though some interceptions can be pinned on receivers, the fumble issue wasn’t eradicated. It was less than his rookie year, but still something that had many shaking their heads.

If Jones can’t fix that problem in his third season, and if you add in bad outcomes, the Giants will need to reconsider what their future with Jones looks like. Quarterback hell is what Gettleman is trying to avoid, but more of the same from Jones may result in just that.

What will make it?

Productive drives. Scoring touchdowns. Winning games due to offense and not dominant defense. Literally anything of that nature will have Jones going into his fourth season with Big Blue.

For the Giants to reach their potential this season, Jones and Garrett will have to be on the same page. They have the weapons in the pass and run game. The offensive line is banking on better chemistry after a full season together. And Jones has 2 full years of experience to know how fast the game is played. The excuses are all gone.

And Jones probably realizes that. He has shown some tremendous play-making ability, both with his cannon arm and his legs. He simply needs to be consistent throughout the season, and the Giants will surely then recognize he is their guy. The faith is already there that he is and will remain that guy for years to come, too.

Year 3 is always the leap year and the one scouts and coaches alike look for in players. Jones is a prime candidate to do that this year. He simply requires to stay constant.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.