Is There A Link Between Birth Order And Child Performance?

Does Birth Order Theory Really Works? Or Do Parents Need Other Methods of Identifying What is In Their Child’s Mind?


While there are several contributing factors that may correlate to the personality of a child such as family structure, poverty, adoption, remarrying, mental illness, or other others, most scientists would agree that children have their individual personality traits which are usually influenced by their parents. Therefore, the birth order of your child would not greatly affect the way they behave, feel, think or what they become. However, you will find that the theory is not exactly true, as some studies have found that one or more siblings would not have the same aptitude in school as their siblings.


There were several studies conducted that have been conducted on children who have had the same tests or examinations in various tests. All the children have the same aptitude for math and verbal skills. There is also no major difference between the scores of the siblings except for one who is a girl and the other boy.


But other theories about how the birth order could influence how they act would state that if two siblings have very similar traits, it could mean that the younger brother has a better personality than the older brother, or vice versa. This is something that experts say is very unlikely.


In the study that was done in the United States, it was found that there were a lot of differences between the scores of those who were assigned the number one spot and the other children. Those with parents that were the first ones in the family were found to be less shy, more intelligent, more interested in sports, less impulsive, more sensitive, and less aggressive, among others.


However, according to the theory, if two siblings are assigned the same birth order, they would be more likely to have similar traits since they will share a close bond. Although this theory does not really answer the question, do parents really know which child has what personality, it is believed that whatever the child was exposed to, they all have the same one.


One study conducted that concluded that birth order does not affect children in terms of intelligence or social development in the school. However, the study was conducted on a small number of children and their scores were measured while the children were not in school. The children’s grades were measured before they entered school. It is believed that this would make it easier to identify the effects of the theory.


There have also been several studies which show that there is a definite link between the order in the children and how well they can focus on the task at hand. They are able to focus better and concentrate better when they know who they have to compete against.


In studies of the effects of the birth order, they have found that the children with the first name or the last name that was given to them in the home were more likely to learn quickly and remember things that were presented to them. However, these children did not seem to perform as well in spelling tests compared to children with the same name but were not given the same last name.


In fact, there has even been research that shows that there is a link between the birth order and the sex of the child. Studies have shown that children whose parents were first born were more likely to have girls boys later in life and vice versa, although the reason for this link is not known.


Another study that has been conducted has shown that the effects of the birth order are not true if the child has a brother or sister. Since they do not have the same genes, they will have the same chances of being male or female.


The birth order theory may be an interesting idea but the facts just do not support its claims. There are so many other theories that are more believable and it is up to you to choose which one fits your family and your situation best.