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Is System Shock on Xbox One?

Updated: May 26, 2023 11:29 am

System Shock Aliens

The great franchise known as System Shock is making a return in the form of a remake of the original. The franchise that started back in 1994 is being reborn and it is looking better than ever. If you are one of the many hoping to play the remake, it will come with enhanced graphics, better voice acting, and updated controls.

Of course, more and more games are starting to appear only on the next-gen consoles. There is no denying that the PS4 and Xbox One are slowly getting phased out. Soon, they will be gone. So will System Shock be on the Xbox One?

Will System Shock be on the Xbox One?

If you are one of the many hoping to play System Shock on the Xbox One, the good news is that the game will be available on the system. You will indeed be able to play System Shock on the Xbox One. The game is actually being released on multiple systems.

Developer Nightdive Studios created a Kickstarter page to fund the creation of the System Shock Remake. In the frequently asked questions, the developers confirmed that the game will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Of course, those with the newer-gen consoles will also be able to play thanks to backward compatibility.

System Shock will release on May 30 but it has yet to receive a page on the Xbox or PlayStation digital storefronts. You can currently pre-order the game on Steam. Odds are the Xbox and PlayStation store pages will go live shortly before the game’s release.

Nightdive Studios has also provided a demo of the PC version of System Shock so those who are interested in the game can try it out before they purchase it. System Shock is a FPS game similar to others of the early 90s like Doom and Wolfenstein. If you are a fan of high-octane shooters, odds are you will enjoy the game.

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