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Investor argues ESG investing is about measuring risk, not politics

We’ve been reporting on a new target in the culture wars: Banks and other financial companies conservatives slam as “woke.” They push a lefty, big-government agenda, according to conservative entrepreneur and commentator Vivek Ramaswamy, who’s running for president.

As Ramaswamy’s argument goes, these closet Wall Street liberals strong-arm the companies they invest in to be politically correct. Under the cover of an investment strategy with an acronym: It’s ESG — environmental, social and governance investing. But many firms actually doing ESG have said that this is a total misrepresentation.

Host Scott Tong speaks with John Streur, president and CEO of Calvert Research and Management, who has been ESG investing for decades. He makes the case that ESG investing is about measuring risk and making good business decisions, not about politics. Tong also speaks with Ramaswamy and Calvert research director Hellen Mbugua.

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