Injured Jorge Masvidal gives timeline for return, reveals who he’d like to face next

Jorge Masvidal just recently did something he states he’s never ever performed in his near-two-decade-long profession. He took out of a battle.

Due to a concealed injury, Masvidal (35-15 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 14-9 UFC) withdrew from his scheduled UFC 269 bout versus Leon Edwards (19-2 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 11-2 UFC), an animosity match in between 2 of the welterweight department’s top-ranked fighters. While he continues to keep injury specifics under covers, Masvidal exposed Wednesday his targeted timeline for return.

“(It was) a good injury,” Masvidal stated on The mixed martial arts Hour. “A good injury happened. I don’t think I’ve ever signed a bout agreement and pulled out ever. In my whole history in the UFC, this is my first time. I don’t want to discuss the actual injury that I got. It should impact me for five to six weeks. The reason is that I never discuss my injuries online is, why? Why am I going to give info out on myself?”

In an ideal world, Masvidal would’ve pressed the battle with Edwards back 6 weeks – something he asked the UFC to do. Nevertheless, he comprehends why Edwards is set on combating champ Kamaru Usman next for the title instead of remaining for Masvidal to recover.

“I told the UFC that we could push it back further,” Masvidal stated. “It’s up to Leon, and from his initial response, he doesn’t want to wait and I don’t blame him. If he has an option to fight for a title or wait two more months for me, I don’t know what he wants to do or nor do I give a f*ck. All I know is if he wants to go February or March, we can go. If he doesn’t want to wait, then he’s onto the next thing.”


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Edwards claims he understood Masvidal would withdraw from the battle, however “Gamebred” doesn’t comprehend the reasoning behind that. If Edwards suggests what he states, Masvidal believes he ought to rebook the battle and learn.

“(Edwards) could respond to all of that and make all of that be true and known (by) just fighting in March,” Masvidal stated. “Shut your mouth. Wait for me. Fight in March. Whatever, you know? I have history on my side. I’ve always made weight. I’ve never pulled out of a signed agreement. I have history on my side. First time, I’m coming off two losses. I’ve just got to make sure I go in there healthy and well to give it my all. If he wants to wait until February or March, I can decapitate him on sight for the world to see. If he doesn’t, I mean, what can I do, you know?”

If provided an option in between Edwards and friend-turned-rival Colby Covington, Masvidal would pick the previous. In his mind, he made an arrangement and believes he owes Edwards a scrap. Although, the possibility of getting his hands on Covington (16-3 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 11-3 UFC) does sound pleasurable to Masvidal, too.

If it was right now on this specific date and time, I would state I’d beat Leon’s ass due to the fact that I signed. I made an arrangement as a male like, ‘Hey, I’m f*cking you up next.’ I wish to hold (real) to that as much as possible. However if that’s unable to take place, naturally I’d like to slam Colby’s face. We’re speaking about the most significant coward in my sport, all throughout all departments, all sports.

“This guy is the king coward. He can’t control himself from being a coward so I’d love to smash his face in and get a handsome reward from it. But at this particular time, since I signed first for Leon, I would like to address his b*tchass first and then we’ll take care of the fragile that guy. Now, he’s changing his thing where he’s a nice guy and sh*t. Usman beat his ass so hard and now he’s the nice guy. Damn, what a f*cking turn of events, huh? That f*cking coward.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.