Indonesian village turns red as floods hit batik-manufacturing hub

Countless users on Twitter shared pictures and videos of the town south of Pekalongan city in Central Java being flooded by crimson-coloured water, which some social networks users stated advised them of blood.

“I am so afraid if this photo gets into the bad hands of hoax spreaders,” stated a Twitter user Ayah E Arek-Arek. “Fear mongering narratives about signs that it is the end of the world, bloody rain etc”.

Pekalongan is a city understood for producing batik, a standard Indonesian technique of utilizing wax to withstand water-based dyes to portray patterns and illustrations, generally on material.

It is not uncommon for rivers in Pekalongan to turn different colors.

It is not unusual for rivers in Pekalongan to turn various colors. Intense green water covered another town north of the city throughout a flood last month.

“Sometimes there are purple puddles on the road too,” stated Twitter user Location Julid, who declared to be from the location.

The head of Pekalongan catastrophe relief, Dimas Arga Yudha, verified that the pictures being distributed were genuine.

“The red flood is due to the batik dye, which has been hit by the flood. It will disappear when it mixes with rain after a while,” he stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.