Indianapolis man becomes homeless after losing job during pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS — Michael Hogg has actually lost a lot throughout the pandemic. Very first his job, then he lost his location to remain.

Hogg’s entire life turned upside down after losing his job making trailers for semis.

“I just wanted to give up, that’s how bad it was,” stated Hogg.

He’s lastly got a roofing over his head, however he’s concerned about having the ability to make lease every month considering that checks from umpiring baseball won’t suffice, he’s yet to discover another job and he understands he can’t count on rental help or good friends permanently.

“I have an opportunity, but it’s out of state. (I’m) still waiting to hear when it might be. The job is Georgia and is a window-making company,” stated Hogg.

He’s simply waiting on the phone to sound so he can avoid into a clean slate and a new beginning.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.