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India-US joint military exercise shown to media

India has showed media outlets, including NHK, part of its joint military exercise with the United States, in an apparent attempt to counter China.

The outlets were allowed to get a glimpse of the drill by troops stationed at a base in the state of West Bengal on Monday. The joint exercise kicked off on April 10 in the country’s east and north.

US and Indian military aircraft were seen flying in formation.

They included US Air Force F-15 fighter jets and B-1 bombers. India dispatched Russian-made Sukhoi-30 fighter jets — a mainstay of its air force — and domestically developed Tejas fighters.

An Indian air force brigadier general said the exercise provided a platform for both sides to learn from each other and demonstrate capabilities in a realistic environment.

India’s relations with China remain strained over a border dispute in northeastern India. The troops that conducted the drill shown to the media are in charge of the region.

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