In The Matrix Resurrections, Keanu Reeves wins The Game Awards in 1999

The truth that The Matrix has actually built for Thomas Anderson (aka Neo) in The Matrix Resurrections is not the one that fans of the initial trilogy will keep in mind. Anderson is still a developer, however a significantly more effective one than a cubicle-dwelling “program writer” for reputable software application business MetaCortex from the initial 1999 film.

In Resurrections, he’s a rockstar computer game designer and accountable for a smash hit trilogy of video games called … The Matrix. In another circumstances of reality-writing, The Matrix — the multiple-layers-deep imaginary computer game — is likewise a Video game of the Year award winner at The Video game Awards.

[Ed. note: This post contains minor spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections.]

On the planet according to The Matrix Resurrections, which premiered on Wednesday, Geoff Keighley’s The Video game Awards existed 15 years previously, and The Matrix, a video game created by Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) took house its leading reward in ’99. Keighley on Sunday exposed that director Lana Wachowski requested a TGA statuette to utilize in a crucial scene, and he enjoyed to retcon them into his program’s hall of popularity.

Naturally, this kicked up a chuckle-inducing parlor video game on Twitter: What video games did The Matrix vanquished that year? Even if there wasn’t an awards series with the sort of large audience (and entry swimming pool) as The Video Game Awards, the leading video games publications of the day acknowledged some landmark works, which indicates Keanu’s video game actually needed to be something else.

Deus Machina is the name of Anderson’s studio; it’s not Eidos’ RPG series can be found in 2nd. (Although Deus Ex did launch less than a year later on.) The scene is essentially a meta-joke about the Matrix movies’ appeal; 3 computer game that Anderson created were substantial hits, so naturally Deus Machina’s moms and dad business — actually Warner Bros., by the method — is requiring a 4th.

I suggest, can you blame them? Take a look at all the video games The Matrix whooped for its very first GOTY. The investors would fire any C-suite officer who didn’t milk that sort of an IP:

  • Chrono Cross (Square/SquareSoft)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (Neversoft/Activision)
  • EverQuest (Verant Interactive/Sony Online Home Entertainment)
  • Last Dream 8 (Square/Squaresoft)
  • Soulcalibur (Task Soul/Namco — released Sept. 1999 for Dreamcast)
  • Quiet Hill (Group Silent/Konami)
  • System Shock 2 (Illogical Games/Electronic Arts)
  • Syphon Filter (Eidetic/989 Studios)

Others have actually discussed Shenmue, however it released in Japan on Dec. 29, 1999, and in the West one year later on, so it most likely wouldn’t have actually remained in the prospect swimming pool of an awards reveal airing in the very first week of December. When it comes to Quake 3, while it was no doubt a groundbreaking work amongst multiplayer shooters, it released Dec. 2, 1999. (Another terrific work of 1999, Gran Turismo 2, released Dec. 11 in Japan and Dec. 23 in the West.)

The Matrix would have likewise vanquish Unreal Competition, Impressive Games’ arena shooter that gathered several Video game of the Year awards and elections in 1999. That makes things just somewhat uncomfortable for Impressive, which produced The Matrix Awakenings in Unreal Engine 5 as a tie-in to Resurrections, and whose primary innovation officer, Kim Libreri, and primary imaginative officer, Donald Mustard, emerge in the movie as Deus Machina staff members.

Ouch! The TGAs have actually been called numerous things, however that’s cold! Likewise, Lana Wachowski is lucky that the very first movie premiered in 1999 — among the couple of years because time when Hideo Kojima didn’t introduce a video game. Had Metal Equipment Solid come one year later on, we’re unsure his buddy Geoff Keighley might have gone along with this sight gag.

Simply joking. Anyhow, if Keanu Reeves is a speaker at The Video game Awards 2022, for the 3rd year in a row, it’s a great bet this scene will be re-enacted. In which case, we’d ask Keighley and his production business not to stage it on a roof bar, and to possibly rearrange The Video game Awards Orchestra if it’s back in L.A.’s Microsoft Theater.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.