In Sound Mind Is Now Available For Xbox Series X|S

As you awake in the passages of a mysterious structure, you discover the environment handles a life of its own and leads you to find a series of victims, all exposed to the very same speculative chemical. In your look for responses, unusual visions emerge and present a host of enforcing scaries…and a feline called Tonia.

From the developers of the cult timeless Problem Home 2 is available in Noise Mind, an amusing first-person mental scary with mad puzzles and special employer battles. Traverse a series of disturbing memories as you journey within the inner operations of the one location you can’t appear to get away—your own mind.

Secret Includes
• A fresh scary experience from the developers of Problem Home 2.
• Journey through a series of haunting memories, each with special puzzles, mechanics, weapons, and employer battles.
• A spooky soundtrack from the web icon The Living Tombstone.
• Check out a creative and disorienting narrative including a host of not likely buddies.
• You can animal the feline.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.