In Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, Yuffie is the anti-Cloud

Last Dream 7 Remake Episode Intermission eliminates Cloud Strife’s buster sword and changes it with Yuffie Kisaragi’s enormous shuriken. The brand-new DLC project, special to PlayStation 5, lasts for just a few valuable hours. It’s a delight to go back to Midgar and sling Yuffie’s boomerang-like weapon at baddies, however more notably, the young heroine brings an entire brand-new favorable mindset that functions as a revitalizing counterpoint to Cloud.

Yuffie’s passionate character has actually ended up being more highlighted because her very first look in the initial Last Dream 7 in 1997. The extensively panned English translation of that video game depicted Yuffie as a thieving treasure hunter, just out for herself. In FF7 spinoffs, along with the Development Kid film and the Kingdom Hearts series, fans got to see far more of the teenage ninja princess, who ended up to have an energetic goofball character and an enthusiasm for resisting versus anybody who attempted disrespect her.

That’s constantly who Yuffie was indicated to be, according to director Tetsuya Nomura, who informed the PlayStation Blog site, “At the time of the original and even now, my perspective of her has not changed very significantly. Yuffie is an energetic and straightforward character. That being said, as this episode is centered around her, I believe we were also able to depict her sensitive side.”

Yuffie’s dark mirror is Cloud, a guy haunted by barely-repressed injuries who’s reluctant to enroll with Avalanche or kind psychological accessories with other individuals. By contrast, it makes good sense that an arrogant however ignorant teenager woman like Yuffie would care deeply and honestly about what other individuals think about her. She longs for acknowledgment and regard when she recites rehearsed hero monologues and presents like Sailor Moon. She dives (or journeys) head-first into risk, unafraid of death, unlike Cloud, who’s seen a lot of it and still experiences the aftershock of everything.

Yuffie and Sonon glide across metal scaffolding while breaking into Shinra HQ in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode Intermission

Image: Square Enix

Thanks to Yuffie’s shenanigans, the very first couple hours of Intermission are substantially funnier and lighter in tone than Remake. The quick DLC functions lots of slapstick minutes for Yuffie, which land well in part since she has a straight guy by her side: Sonon Kusakabe, a brand-new character in this video game. While Yuffie hams it up in an effort to impress her allies (and her opponents), Sonon rolls his eyes and smiles apologetically. When Sonon recommends fight methods that would put him in the line of fire, Yuffie cuts him off, advising him that she’s the “leading lady” and she needs to get the opportunity to shine … even if it indicates falling on her face since she doesn’t in fact understand what she’s doing.

Intermission’s musical arrangement fits its comical tone and the heroine’s carefree energy, with overblown jazz accompanying Yuffie and Sonon on a few of their experiences. This track from the soundtrack, entitled “The Runaround,” accompanies our heroine as she puzzles her method through Shinra’s head office, making an unsafe burglary seem like an episode of Looney Tunes.

Yuffie’s energetic mindset in the face of frustrating chances makes her an even more enjoyable lead character than Cloud, whose grim outlook is the good news is reversed by Tifa, Barret, and Aerith’s corrective decision and belief in a much better future. Naturally, Cloud needs to be separated since ending up being reengaged with the remainder of the world is his whole arc. His journey has to do with finding out to like and to face his real self, no matter just how much it might harm.

Cloud, Tifa, and Barret watch the sunset in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Image: Square Enix

Yuffie’s arc is the reverse of Cloud’s. Although she starts with a more easy going behavior, it’s in fact a reflection of her naivete and absence of experience. Like Cloud, Yuffie needs to deal with an uneasy fact — however in her case, it’s recognizing that she’s in method over her head with Shinra and its numerous scary experiments.

Yuffie is more enjoyable to hang out with than Cloud since, unlike Cloud, she hasn’t seen some shit. However by the end of Intermission, she has. When we fulfill her once again in FF7 Remake Part 2, she’ll be the thieving trickster that she remained in the initial video game, however this time, we’ll comprehend more about why. We’ll likewise understand that, although that sense of mad self-preservation belongs of her, that pleasant hope stays too — and it’ll be back once again, ultimately.

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