In Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update, villagers can play with the cat tower

Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s professional cam is among the 2.0 upgrade’s lots of terrific additions. Fans have actually currently entered a few of the professional cam’s outstanding functions. The fish-eye lens lets you take charming — and often haunting — close-up, convex pictures of villagers. And the first-person cam provides the video game a completely make over and feel.

This first-person cam is particularly terrific for photographing villagers engaging with furnishings, whether it’s in the Pleased House Paradise DLC, or when a villager spontaneously checks out a gamer’s house. And gamers have actually found a brand-new, best usage for this first-person lens, in kind of observing their villagers playing with the feline tower.

The simplest villager to identify attempting the tower is most likely Punchy, if you create a Paradise house for him. For those who aren’t familiar: In Paradise, you create themed villa for villagers, making certain to consist of 3 products they particularly asked for. Punchy the feline demands a feline tower in his house — and when you look at him after finishing the style, you may simply capture him playing with the feline tower’s dangling ball. It’s particularly charming when caught in very first individual:

However Punchy is far from the only feline — or villager, in basic — who enjoys a great feline tower:

Even Isabelle appears taken by it (is she privately a feline?!?!):

The feline tower has actually constantly been a charming, desirable product in New Horizons, though it didn’t have specific energy. It was available in 7 various colors, and it mainly appeared to suggest you may own a theoretical smaller sized feline in the video game’s world (particularly because it was scaled to the size of a feline that may suit the video game’s family pet bed).

Thanks to the 2.0 upgrade, and Paradise, we get the happiness of seeing our villagers play with these products. This likewise consists of villagers utilizing the family pet bed as genuine seating when going to a gamer’s house, in addition to villagers making biscuits in the sand.

The very best part of the New Horizons upgrade simply may be getting to see villagers play in the exact same method our real animals do. It’s particularly amusing since the video game mainly has them gown and imitate they’re simply meddlesome townspeople, the remainder of the time. However, as it ends up, they are animals.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.