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I’m a gym girl – the exercise that grew my glutes the most, I’ve seen such a difference and now I have a bubble butt

A GYM girl has shared the exercises that have helped grow her glutes the most.

The fitness influencer said she’s seen an enormous difference and now has a bubble butt.

Gracie, a fitness influencer, shared the exercise that’s helped her with her glute gainsCredit: TikTok/gracie_collis

Gracie Collis (@gracie_collis) shared the workout routine with over 750,000 TikTok followers.

The blonde demonstrated Smith Machine good mornings in grey leggings and a white sports bra.

She included advice about incorporating the exercise into a workout routine.

“Don’t JUST do this exercise to try and grow your glutes, make sure to add your compounds,” she advised.

“BUT since doing this exercise I have noticed SUCH a difference! (It’s more like a bubble),” she said, adding the hashtags #gymgirl and #glutegains.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her tip.

Some shared their struggle trying to perform the exercise correctly.

“I can never get the stance right,” said one commenter.

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Others swore by the technique as well: “Use these as warm-ups for glute focused day and it’s helped me so much,” said one.

“No more back pain and more muscle/mind connection.”

Some were simply impressed with her physique: “GIRLLLLLLL I’m a straight woman but those glutes are spectacular,” said one admirer.

She performed Smith machine good morningsCredit: TikTok/gracie_collis

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