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IEBC public portal was PR exercise

Raila Odinga’s chief agent Saitabao Ole Kanchory has termed the IEBC public portal during the August 9 election as merely a public relations exercise.

Kanchory, in an interview with Spice FM on Friday, said the results that were being shown in the IEBC public portal were only what the commission wanted Kenyans to see. 

He said those who are telling Kenyans that the servers were the public portal are taking Kenyans for fools. 

“The public portal was nothing but what the IEBC  wanted us to see. It’s like coming to your house and then you letting us see what you want us to see. But huko ndani maneno ingine inaendelea,” Kanchory said.  

“The public portal was a PR exercise for IEBC.”

Kanchory questioned what is so hard about opening the IEBC servers. 

He said if there is nothing in the servers, they should be opened to prove so. 

Kanchory explained that the exercise to open the servers is a forensic audit. 

During the Supreme Court hearing of the elections petition, Kanchory said the servers were not audited which he termed as a mockery of justice. 

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has been calling for an audit of the servers to prove who won the elections as he has insisted that his victory was stolen in the polls. 

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