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I May Be Putting ‘Destiny 2’ On The Shelf For A While

Despite the fact that we are nowhere near a crazy holiday release window where games are usually stuffed up against each other, that’s sure what it feels like right now. People always ask me how I manage to keep up with Destiny 2 and play all these other games at the same time. Well, that may be about to change.

This latest slate of current and upcoming releases is making me hit my limit, and I think my Destiny 2 playtime is about to be dramatically reduced or temporarily ended entirely.

Yes, part of this is due to Destiny’s spiraling technical problems which I am pretty sick of encountering, but it’s more just the sheer wall of releases we are running into. We have:

  • Jedi: Survivor which came out on April 28th, a seemingly great game but one you may want to wait a bit to play until its performance issues are patched.
  • Redfall, out May 2, the vampire Borderlands-ish exploration looter that I will be checking out as I have no idea if it will be great or terrible based on the previews we’ve gotten.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, out May 12, the easy GOTY contender and a game that can no doubt demand 100+ hours from players.

So that’s essentially this entire last month of Destiny 2 where nothing is really going on except Guardian Games. The new season, Season of the Deep, begins at the end of May, so is that when I’m heading back in?

Uh, well there’s this little game called Diablo 4…

All of these other games at least have endpoints. You will beat Redfall and Jedi Survivor and move on. Diablo 4 is a game I’ve been waiting for this past decade and is another eternal live service offering where reportedly it takes 150 hours per character to hit max level. It also happens to appear to be quite good, based on beta previews, and it launching right when Destiny 2’s new season launches means I am probably doing at best, the bare minimum for story progression week to week and sinking alllll the rest of my time into Diablo for the indefinite future. And I doubt I’m alone in that.

This is just sort of bad luck for Destiny to a certain point. The game is already a bit wobbily right now with technical issues and some bad story beats from both Lightfall and Defiance. And now there are four massive games out within the next two months that make continuing to grind Destiny a tough prospect, even for me. That doesn’t mean I’ll kill my daily column here, but yeah, it’s going to be a different couple of months for sure.

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