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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) –  Nashville has long been referred to as the city where musical dreams come to life. However those dreams might not be recognized rapidly.

Couple nation duo, The Dryes, have actually taken a location on their own throughout the years by composing tunes with particular openness about life and love.

Derek and Katelyn Drye fulfilled in 2008 in their native state of North Carolina. Derek was ending up his marketing degree at UNC Greensboro, and Katelyn had actually simply taped her very first EP in Nashville at the age of 19.

“Katelyn and I met through mutual friends,” Derek Drye remembered. “My best buddy was actually dating her best friend.”

The arranged date at a Mexican dining establishment went so well, they stood in the parking area and talked for hours.

“I went home and said to my buddy who introduced us ‘I don’t know how you knew, but I’m probably gonna marry this girl,'” Derek Drye stated.

The connection was unexpected to Katelyn, who declared ‘I’m never ever gonna get wed unless I satisfy this individual.’ She had a list of qualities her future hubby required to satisfy. Derek examined all packages.

Derek and Katelyn each liked music independently however never ever spoke about making music together till a not likely efficiency after a death in Derek’s household.

“I just remember looking at him in that moment,” Katelyn Drye stated. “I remember it clear as day – just [thinking] ‘this is special and we have something that actually has chemistry when we sing together.'”

The set wed in 2011 and began making a strategy to pursue music together.

“We were writing songs back home, but we really didn’t have a community of songwriters there,” Derek Drye stated.

They understood that to advance their music profession, they required to transfer to Nashville. So the set took the leap in 2014.

“We moved here with nothing but what was in our car,” Katelyn Drye recalled. “We lived with some family friends who were like ‘we believe in y’all, and we want you to stay at our place for free until you find where you want to work and live.'”

To make ends meet, Katelyn began nannying for families. Derek worked at the Apple store at the Green Hills Mall and had touring stints with other acts.

“[Derek] toured with different other artists, ya know, did the guitar thing for people, but we knew we wanted to be a duo,” Katelyn Drye said.

The set wrote songs alone for many years while they honed their craft, writing songs to fit their voices and their lives.

“It does seem like a literal process,” says Derek. “We write about things that we’re going through – and we could put that in a story in other creative ways, but it feels most natural when it is kinda raw in the co-writing session.”

Their first single, Amen, was released in 2018 to critical acclaim. Their follow-up release, “War” touched on the dire pain of Derek’s mom’s suicide when he was just a baby.

The Dryes amassed a growing legion of fans who loved how the couple refused to shy away from their truth through raw and honest songwriting. Today, “War” has gone on to collect more than five million streams on Spotify alone.

But the pair got the mainstream break they’ve been working toward for eight years. On Tuesday, November 9th, CMT started airing their newest video, “Dolly Would,” numerous times a day. The tune plays into Dolly Parton’s famous sass and self-confidence. Katelyn sings, “say the bleach went to my brain, say my dreams are so insane, oh but I’m just gonna do what Dolly would.”

The video was called CMT’s “Next Up Now” choice of the week on Nov. 11. It’s a popular positioning for their most recent release. is now with you on the go! Get the current news updates and video, 4WARN weather report, weather condition radar, unique investigative reports, sports headings and far more from News4 Nashville.

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