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How to Use Xbox Game Pass Quests to Get Free Rewards on Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals in gaming, giving you access to hundreds of titles for a reasonably priced monthly subscription. But one of the lesser talked about features of Xbox Game Pass can not only earn you free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but can also allow you to redeem free rewards straight from your Xbox.

With Xbox Game Pass Quests, you can earn Microsoft Reward Points simply by playing games your monthly Game Pass subscription gives you access to. But what are Xbox Game Pass Quests exactly, and how can you redeem free rewards through the service? Let’s find out.

What Are Xbox Game Pass Quests?

Before jumping into how to use Xbox Game Pass Quests to get yourself free rewards through Microsoft Reward Points, let’s take a quick look at what Game Pass Quests actually are.

Specifically, Xbox Game Pass Quests are weekly and monthly challenges provided by Xbox that are always associated with Xbox Game Pass games and achievements. You can turn in each challenge for its associated amount of Microsoft Reward Points by completing any of these challenges.

A few examples of some Game Pass Quests that can earn you Microsoft Reward points directly from your Xbox Series X|S are as follows:

  • Play any Game Pass game to earn three Microsoft Reward Points.
  • Unlock three achievements or play three different Game Pass games to earn ten Microsoft Reward Points.
  • Complete 12 daily and eight weekly challenges to earn 100 Microsoft Reward Points.
  • Playing a featured Game Pass title to earn a specific amount of Microsoft Reward Points.

A screenshot of an example Xbox Game Pass quest on Xbox Series X

To get the most out of the free rewards available through completing Xbox Game Pass Quests, check out our complete guide to Microsoft Reward Points, so you know what you can redeem in general, not just Xbox rewards.

Otherwise, all challenges completed through Xbox Game Pass Quests can be cashed in for a cumulative amount of Microsoft Reward Points and redeemed for rewards directly through your Xbox Series X|S.

How to Use Xbox Game Pass Quests to Get Microsoft Reward Points

You must complete various available quests to earn Microsoft Reward Points through Xbox Game Pass Quests. To check your current Game Pass Quests and how many quests you have completed on your Xbox Series X|S, follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide menu.
  • Navigate to the menu for Profile & system.

A screenshot of the Xbox guide menu with the ptions for Profile and System highlighted

  • Select your profile and choose the option for My Profile.

A screenshot of the guide menu on Xbox Series X with My Profile highlighted

  • Ensure the options for Gaming are on screen and highlight Game Pass quests.
  • Highlight the option for Game Pass Quests to see all of your Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Ready to turn in challenges.

A screenshot of the main menu for Xbox Game Pass Quests on Xbox Series X

If you still need to complete any challenges, focus on completing as many as possible and return to the Game Pass quests screen. If you have completed a few Game Pass Challenges and want to claim your Microsoft Reward Points, select Turn in quests near the top of the Game Pass quests page.

A screenshot of the Xbox Game Pass Quests menu with Turn in Quests highlighted

By turning in all of your completed Xbox Game Pass Quests, the designated Microsoft Reward Points values for each completed quest will be tallied up and automatically added to your Microsoft Reward Points total on your Xbox Series X|S.

How to Redeem Your Microsoft Reward Points on Xbox Series X|S

Now you know what Xbox Game Pass Quests are and how to convert your completed quests straight into Microsoft Reward Points, you can start redeeming free gifts on your Xbox Series X|S, including free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

To start redeeming your Microsoft Reward Points earned through Xbox Game Pass Quests, ensure you are on the Game Pass quests page on your Xbox Series X|S and select the top option for Redeem Points.

By selecting Redeem Points, you will be redirected to the Microsoft Reward Points on your Xbox, where you can manage, redeem and view all the potential rewards you can acquire through Xbox Game Pass Quests.

A screenshot of the Redeem page on the Microsoft Rewards on Xbox application on Xbox Series X

There are many ways to redeem Microsoft Reward Points on your Xbox Series X|S, but for specific rewards, choose any of the rewards that selecting Redeem Points directed you to via the Redeem tab of the Microsoft Reward Points on your Xbox.

Enjoy Free Rewards for Making the Most of Xbox Game Pass

By tracking and completing Xbox Game Pass Quests, you’re not only earning yourself free rewards but could even be earning Xbox Game Pass Ultimate months for free, making the service free for you to use, just as long as you earn enough Microsoft Reward Points.

Aside from Xbox Game Pass Quests, there are numerous other ways you can earn Microsoft Reward Points just from using your Xbox Series X|S, so be sure to check out all the ways you can earn free rewards on Xbox.

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