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How to Use Tickets to Impossible Destinations

What are Tickets to Impossible Destinations in Destiny 2, and what is their use? These are some of the questions fans are having over some of the random loot that drops upon completion of Dares of Eternity. If you have encountered any of them, you have probably wondered what to do. Likely, you want to hold on to them, and why not? Destiny 2 loot always comes in handy, but Tickets to Impossible Destinations might be an exception to this rule. To find out how you must read this guide to the very end.

Destiny 2: How to Use Tickets to Impossible Destinations

How to Use Tickets to Impossible Destinations

This might surprise you, but there is no clear way of using Tickets to Impossible Destinations. Some sources even suggest you can safely discard them to free up precious inventory space. And it doesn’t help that their description reads, “These appear to be tickets to a vacation destination that exists in several realities at once,” which is a little confusing because you can’t be in two realities at once unless you are what’s the metaphor? Schrodinger’s cat?

That said, some Impossible Destination Tickets are humorous, given the manner of prizes they promise. A fun example is a cruise on the tallest wooden rollercoaster in the Andromeda Galaxy. Who wouldn’t love that? Someday, they may become valuable collector’s items. Bungie, the game creator, might even be betting on that otherwise, why would they encourage players to get rid of them, essentially making them a rarity?

Yes, there is every chance they are worthless, but how can you get your hands on them? You can get your hands on them after completing bounties for Starhorse, which is the core part of the 30th Anniversary event. You will also get a mountain of other rewards by completing Dares of Eternity.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, IOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 platforms.

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