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The abrupt shooting discomfort takes your breath far from one 2nd to the next – or you have actually been struggling with nerve discomfort in the face, back, or the foot for a long time.

Extremities? Then we have very carefully positive news for you: Different natural home remedy or natural treatments of neuropathy have actually currently shown themselves versus nerve swelling and nerve discomfort in clients.

The difficult thing about it: Everyone reacts differently to the methods used so that no reliable statement can be made about the success of the treatment. However, especially with chronic pain, it is worth trying out house solutions.

Herbs and Tea as Home Remedies for Nerve Inflammation and Nerve Pain

As a patient with nerve pain, it can be worthwhile to become a “herb witch” at least occasionally. Because many plants from Mother Nature have actually an analgesic effect that can sometimes even compete with that of chemical painkillers.

Herbs for Internal Use: You can take some herbs in the form of capsules containing the effective dry extract. This includes, for example, the devil’s claw root. This is said to have similar pain-relieving properties as acetylsalicylic acid but is more stomach-friendly. 

Herbal Massage: You can create your massage oil from herbs by mixing stinging nettle spirit and apple cider vinegar. The ratio should be 1: 5. Then gently rub the affected areas with the oil. Not only the active ingredients contained, but also the massage itself can alleviate nerve pain.

Herbal Wrap: How about a homemade herb wrap? To do this, sew a small cloth bag into which you fill caraway seeds. Place the finished herbal sachet on the area affected by nerve pain. If you like warmth, you can also put on a heat pillow.

Even a delicious herbal tea can develop its effect against nerve pain from within. Suitable home remedies for nerve inflammation and nerve pain include nettle tea or the popular ginger tea, each with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. 

Furthermore, green tea can strengthen general well-being through a positive influence on blood pressure, heart, and sugar metabolism. These factors also improve nerve pain in some patients. 

Nervexol – Best Natural Treatment for Neuropathy

If all the above remedies didn’t work out for you, then we recommend you to try a clinically shown medicine that works as a weapon versus neuropathy named “Nervexol”. This is a natural medicine made up of natural substances like vitamins and herbs. It is the most affordable drug that you can go for without worrying about its side-effect. It’s completely natural!

Important: Don’t just rely on Home Remedies for Nerve Pain

Make sure you consult a doctor early if you have nerve pain. They can create an individual treatment plan for you and/or prescribe effective medication to start with. This is important so that you do not develop a so-called “pain memory”.

In addition, our recommended home remedies for nerve swelling and nerve discomfort are an important tool to ease the signs – ideally completely.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.