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How to get the Schrodinger’s Gun emblem in Destiny 2? 

Schrodinger’s Gun is the latest emblem released by Bungie to shed some light on one of Destiny 2’s most infamous weapons, Telesto. While this emblem has been in the database for some time, no one knew how to obtain it or what triumphs one had to accomplish.

However, in the end, it was revealed to be a gift. Destiny 2’s official account uploaded the following code regarding Schrodinger’s Gun emblem:


Players must put this on Bungie’s official code redemption page to obtain the emblem in-game. The following article will guide you through redeeming the given code and how to get the emblem inside Destiny 2.

Schrodinger’s Gun emblem and how to obtain it in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder (2022)

Schrodinger’s Gun emblem involved a lot of spam and weird bugs inside the game, which led most to believe that the entire thing was leading to an upcoming community event. However, it seems that Bungie gave everything a rest, concluding their small ‘fun’ with a gift code for players to showcase.

Now, a gift: 9LX-7YC-6TXThose who wish may bear my mark. I already know what choice each of you will make.

On November 11, Bungie uploaded the following code to their official Twitter account:


This code was shared as an opening message inside the game as well. Players can get the Schrodinger’s Gun emblem if they redeem this code on Bungie’s official code redemption page. Follow these steps if you’re unaware of how to do so:

  • To start, copy the code given above.
  • Head to Bungie’s code redemption website by clicking here.
  • Log in on your preferred platform using the credentials.
  • Type in the code and click on redeem.
Typing in the code inside Bungie's code redemption page (Image via Destiny 2)
Typing in the code inside Bungie’s code redemption page (Image via Destiny 2)

Once the abovementioned steps are done, the emblem will be sent to your in-game collection. Now, to acquire it, players need to follow these steps in Destiny 2:

  • Once you’re inside the game, open your inventory.
  • Go to your Collections.
  • Click on the Flair section.
  • Under emblem, go to the General tab.
  • The Schrodinger’s Gun should be available for you to pick up.
  • Go back to your inventory and switch to Appearance Subscreen to equip it.
Schrodinger's Gun emblem is located within the General tab (Image via Destiny 2)
Schrodinger’s Gun emblem is located within the General tab (Image via Destiny 2)

There doesn’t seem to be any time limit for acquiring this emblem, so that players can take their time. Telesto, on the other hand, remains unchanged from yesterday, where each bolt starts jumping around randomly, damaging any enemies along the way. Hence, all the shenanigans regarding the Exotic Fusion Rifle can be said to have ended.

What led to Bungie releasing this emblem?

As many might already know, Telesto’s story is long and dates back to the Curse of Osiris. The weapon saw many broken bugs and exploits, leading Bungie to joke about how it took over everything, including the company’s social media accounts. The recent posts gave a few examples of this.


No one could figure out what Bungie meant by recently altering the weapon’s fire rate. However, it is now evident that the company wanted to play a silly little game by keeping the community engaged.

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